Hello, dear friends!

I am so happy you found me! And I am so excited to offer you encouragement, support, and direction on your path. Because we can all feel a bit lost sometimes. We can all get discouraged, disheartened, or lose perspective. I can help remind you of the Big Picture.

The Big Picture is the truth that, despite the messiness of our lives and the chaos of the world, we are each Divine Beings with a specific path and a noble purpose, deeply loved and accompanied at all times.

It is my great JOY to remind you of that Higher perspective, specific to your life right now, so that you can gain a renewed sense of direction and clarity. Let me, with the assistance of my Guides and yours, help you feel Divinely loved and recognized, reminded of Who You Really Are, and clear about how to move forward. I can’t wait to connect with you!

Much LOVE,  Thea






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Alive & Kicking: Stories of Waking Up with Kay Eck

We talk all about how I learned to live by intuition

and what I had to let go of along the way!




Here’s a 3-minute video about what makes my work different!

“I’m happy to recommend Thea Sullivan’s work. She is a written channel offering high-level, personalized guidance that I have found to be supportive and accurate.”

—Paul Selig, international workshop leader, psychic, channel, and author of I Am the Word, The Book of Mastery, and The Book of Truth.

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