Crazy Energies, Chaotic World Events, and the Upcoming Eclipse: 5 Important Things to Know Right Now!

Have you been feeling like THIS guy lately? There are a bunch of good reasons for that.



All summer, I’ve been feeling the need to write about three different topics: the intense energies swirling around right now, the political upheaval in the world and how to deal with it, and the August 21 solar eclipse, what it means,  and how to prepare. I was planning to explore them separately, but once I sat down to write, I realized they’re all interconnected.

So I created this one handy list for you, entitled:




Here you go!


  1. You’re not making it up–there really IS some crazy energetic stuff going on right now.


If you’ve been feeling an unusual level of anxiety, exhaustion, excitement, or agitation lately, you’re not alone. I’ve been aware of a kind of uncomfortable “buzz” for a few months now, and it’s intensifying as we approach the eclipse on August 21. On a Facebook group for Empaths that I belong to, person after person is reporting unusually high anxiety, difficulty sleeping, emotional intensity, and more. Even friends who aren’t especially tuned in to this kind of thing have been wondering aloud why they’re suddenly feeling so tired all the time.


Intuitives and channelers everywhere are explaining it this way—that as a planet, we are in the midst of an energy acceleration, an evolutionary leap, and that high frequency energies are being poured down on us like never before, for a very particular purpose (I’ll get to that in a minute). So it’s actually a VERY good thing.


But that doesn’t mean it’s easy or smooth. We’re all having to adjust physically and energetically to these new frequencies, whether we realize it or not, and there is no one right way to react. It may change for you from day to day. You may start having more vivid or meaningful dreams, or sleep may become difficult. You may find yourself overcome with a sudden urge to clean out all your closets and get rid of things, or a deep desire to clean up your diet, or a need to take a daily nap. You may find yourself going from emotional highs to lows and back with no warning, becoming more impatient with your loved ones, or feeling extra sensitive or loving or powerful or blissful or just plain uncomfortable. There is no one right response.


Actually, there IS a best response, and that’s to stay present and listen. Which brings me to #2.




  1. Try your best to stay grounded and practice self-care.


The temptation might be to just ignore how weird you’re feeling and plow forward with your life the way you always have. Or to distract yourself with entertainment or technology, or to fall into despair or outrage over the latest headlines (see #3 for more on that subject).


But the BEST way to respond to all that’s going on right now—energetically and in the world—is to slow down, listen, and trust the wisdom of your intuition. What is your body and spirit asking for? Do you need to rest? Do you need a good cry? Time in nature? Good food? Exercise? Stillness? A hug? Time with your pet or your child, or time alone? Some quiet so you can meditate?


Then give that to yourself. Don’t be alarmed by the quick changes or shifts in what you need or how you feel from moment to moment. I myself have been careening from the need to clean out the closets (yes, that was me), to the need to clean up my diet (also me), to a desire for extra space and quiet, emotional release, and more sleep.


Even if you don’t have time to address all those changing needs, even small things can help. Sending down a grounding cord from the base of your spine and setting up the mirrored shield daily can do wonders (my clients will know these techniques from my energy clearing visualization). Meditating for five minutes in the car before or after work. Walking on the earth with bare feet. Lying down in grass, or sitting under a tree. Smudging your house or your body with sage. Taking a leisurely bath or shower, to wash away what you don’t need emotionally or energetically. Any of these things can help shift the energy from anxiety or agitation to a more grounded and even blissful feeling of awareness and acceleration.


Also, try to be extra kind and forgiving of yourself and others right now. If tensions with loved ones are higher than normal, try to breathe through it. My husband and I have been snapping at each other for no real reason of late, and it’s helped us to remind ourselves that we’re just responding to new energies and to try to let it go.


Then there’s the toll that world events have been taking on all of us, which has an impact, too. That leads me to #3.




  1. Remember that the political chaos is part of the shift—and it’s all happening for a reason.


I’m not saying that any of us should feel OK about the awful stuff we’re seeing in the news right now. There are brutal, deeply disturbing things happening seemingly every day, from the hate-fueled violence in Charlottesville, Virginia to the escalation of nuclear tensions with North Korea to deportations to climate denial on a grand scale—it can be difficult to keep one’s head above water, emotionally or spiritually, in such a moment.


But it’s worth trying to take a step back and get the Big Picture. It is my understanding, based on my own intuitive work and the teachings of many others, that what we are witnessing in the world right now is the further pulling back of the veil of destructive forces that have always been there so that they may be fully healed. Humanity’s shadow is being forced to the surface, all across the globe, in order to make way for more Light.


This has happened before, certainly, at other historical moments. But right now it’s happening in a new way, in preparation for a big evolutionary leap. The website Era of Peace has had a lot of interesting stuff to say about this idea, in case you’d like to read more.


As individuals and as a planet, we can’t heal that which we can’t or won’t see. In order to transform, we have to know our shadow in all its ugliness. That means coming face to face, if we haven’t before, with the realities of racism, violence, greed, hatred, misogyny, selfishness, abuse of power, deceit—and rejecting all of it. Saying, and knowing, that it’s not Who We Are, as individuals or as a planet.


THIS is what’s happening now, bit by bit, person by person, all around the world. And we are all a part of it. So as depressed or outraged or scared as you might feel at times reading the news or just being aware of the heaviness in the world, remember that you are here to lift it up, not to fall down into it.


Whether it means taking a break from the news, or taking positive action to make a change, or being extra kind to a stranger, or reminding yourself that there’s a larger drama unfolding here, try to keep your perspective and emotional state elevated. Be like the members of the clergy who linked arms in Charlottesville on Saturday, facing down a row or armed militiamen, singing, “This Little Light of Mine.” Let your light shine, because the world needs it desperately right now.




  1. You can use the power of the eclipse to make a difference.


According to Allison Coe in her excellent video on the subject (she’s an intuitive and QHHT practitioner in Portland, OR), the total solar eclipse that’s coming on August 21 brings with it an additional, even more powerful wave of high frequency energy, and it’s an amazing opportunity for each of us to help accelerate the evolution that’s happening across the globe.


No matter where you are on Monday, August 21, she says, during those few minutes when the sun is blocked in the path of totality (it doesn’t matter if you can see it where you live or not), take a few minutes to be fully present. Meditate if you can. Imagine drawing the energy of Divine Love into your heart, and into your entire body. As you do this, imagine making yourself a kind of lightning rod or a vessel, consciously anchoring the new frequencies to the earth. This is a very, very powerful action that just might change your life, and may well help us all make a quantum leap into the loving future we want.


In case this seems strange to you, I can only say that I understand, and yet that it’s an idea borne out in my own work. In readings, I am often told that a client’s primary purpose is to anchor higher frequency energies. This can be disconcerting for clients, since many of us assume our life “purpose” must mean a job, or some more “real” and concrete action in the world. In reality, our purpose may have more to do with raising and maintaining our own vibration so that we may help anchor and ground higher energies and thus serve the evolution of the planet as a whole.




  1. There are things you can and should do BEFORE the eclipse, starting by August 17!


Again, thanks to Allison Coe’s video, I’m able to pass along some tips for preparing for the eclipse. She suggests that four or five days before—on Thursday, August 17, say—we try to live as “cleanly” and presently as possible. That means unplugging from news, entertainment, unnecessary technology, and distractions. Slowing down. To the extent that our lives permit, we  should eat well and cleanly, meditate if possible, spend time in nature if we can. All of this will help each of us be more open and available to the energies that will come pouring down at about 10 AM PT.


In the next few days, I’ll share more about what my own Guides had to say about the eclipse—but I wanted to get these 5 important pieces of information out for you ASAP so you can start to prepare!


In the meantime, I’m available, as always, for intuitive readings by phone and email!  To get reassuring wisdom just for you from the Guides, go ahead and book a session, or just find out more.


Thanks for reading, much LOVE to you all, and may we each do what we can to LIFT UP this beautiful planet together!


<3 Thea


  • Paige says:

    Thank you so much for this! You posted this blog on the empath FB site. I am a medium, but have felt so unfocused this past month, I haven’t felt myself. I needed these reminders! Thank you!!

  • Thea Sullivan says:

    Thank you Paige! I think so many of us have been feeling that way. It’s hard to stay grounded right now with all that is swirling around us. Take good care of yourself and thank you for reading and commenting! <3

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