You are Needed: A Message in Advance of the Eclipse

A few days ago, a week before the total eclipse and just days after the horrific events in Charlottesville, VA, I asked my Guides what I could write that would be helpful to my friends, clients and readers. Here is what they shared.

As you read, remember that the Guides are referring to human beings from the vantage point of the soul and from the perspective of evolution, not from the ground level, so to speak. Their viewpoint can be jarring to us at times, can sound too dispassionate or “neutral” to our ears. It can be helpful to remember that from their dimension of unity, the realm of Both/And, it all looks much different than it does to us, and the timeline they are concerned with is much longer.



Rejoice, because great waves of Love are coming to envelop the earth. Make yourselves ready to receive them, for the benefit of All. Open your hearts. Make yourselves vessels to receive the Light, the Light of the Lord, the Light of the World, the Light of Goodness, the Light of All. It goes by many names but there is only One meaning. Advancement. Evolution. Ascension into higher realms, higher states of Being.

You are needed. You are necessary. Anchor the Light of the future onto the Earth, with your selves and your Selves. Open up your bodies, open up your hearts, trust what is coming.

Trust that it will transform the Darkness that you see below, all that is unfolding. Trust that that Darkness, the hate and fear and chaos that you see unfolding in the news and in the world, is but a bridge to the Light. In order to be healed, the Darkness first must show itself, must admit to its existence. And that is what’s happening now.

So do not “hate” it, as much you may feel that you do, as much as you may feel thrown into fear and anger, as heartbroken as you may be. Instead, bless it. Bless the chaos, in that it is the path out of chaos, the path to healing. Bless those souls who are bravely representing the worst in humanity, for they too, in their hatred and bigotry, are teaching us all a valuable lesson. Even the world leaders you may abhor deserve your blessings, on a soul level, for they are playing a critical role in the evolution of the species and of the planet right now.

The drama you are seeing is no mistake. It is a grand drama and you all have a role to play. And in the short term, that role is to anchor in the energy, the frequency, that is arriving with the eclipse. Your role is a vital one, and for it you are deeply honored in the Higher Realms.

Namaste, Amen.




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Much LOVE,



  • amy lamb says:

    Just love this message! Exactly what we needed. Please thank the guides for their support and love. We are so so excited to be a part of this incredible transformation!!

  • Megan says:

    Thank you, Thea, and the guides. We need this big picture guidance now more than ever!

  • Shelley vermilya says:

    News flash coming in about Barcelona event as I read News from Thea and The Guides. The bridge of light — it seems we are building it!
    Grateful to hold the larger vision and to link hands with everyone.

  • Randa Akeia says:

    Hi Thea,
    Thank you for this confirmation in knowing for me.
    I celebrate the re-cognizing. For now we can be at our own choice points, individuals adjustments can be made that are sustainable toward the benefit of ALL.
    We are waking up to what we have unconsciously been in collusion with in our societies, especially our financial systems, the enforced acceptable norms of conduct.
    Allot of us are in shock, and frozen with despair. What’s to be done?
    We can witness reckoning moments, expanding our potentialities beyond ‘either or’ duality, beyond polarities into a Trinity consciousness of balanced integrated honoring of Masculine/Feminine, of BOTH AND neither.
    ‘The Fall from Grace’ is playing itself out in front of my eyes. It’s to be witnessed in our own personal INDIVIDUATION of CONSCIENCE and consciousness, in order for each to ‘Be at Choice’ in each’s NOW moments.
    Which collectively will constitute a mass consciousness LEVERAGING, a 100th Monkey turning point…. into higher octave principles that are actively being and living by….
    What I do to you, I do to myself, I do to our World/Cosmos….. SHIFT HAPPENS “)

  • Thea Sullivan says:

    Thank you, Randa! Yes, so many of us are waiting with great longing and anticipation for that 100th Monkey turning point! I read the news obsessively these days, not so much for the news itself, which is deeply unsettling, but for evidence of that TURN, that consciousness shift, that I can feel coming and happening, person to person and across societies! Thank you for your thoughts and your consciousness! <3

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