Ask the Guides #3: How Do We Respond to Mass Shootings?

Heartbroken and soul-sick in the wake of another senseless school shooting, I decided to bring to the Guides the question I imagine is on the minds of every reasonable person and parent in this country.

I asked:

“How do we respond to these horrific, repeated events? Like everyone, I feel sickened and helpless. Part of me wants to turn away. I can’t stand to live in a culture like this, one that would allow this to happen to its children. Even seeing it through a “spiritual lens” feels like a cop-out, like an attempt to justify it or minimize the horror.

How can we possibly understand this? What can we do?”




The Guides respond:


First of all, honor your heart. It is your human heart, your tenderness, that you are feeling. Underneath all the feelings, all the rage and helplessness, is hurt. How can they do this to me, to us, to our children? Don’t they see? No, they don’t. But you do. You who hurt, who grieve for lost souls and lost lives. That open-heartedness is your treasure, your gift. Without it you would lose the ability to love, as others have. So cherish your open-heartedness, for it is the answer to humanity’s woes.


Now, what do you do with your heartbreak? How do you respond? This will depend on the person. Some will be motivated to action. Others will be guided to actions of Light. Still others will make art, or music, or speak out in their way. Do not judge each other for the contribution each one makes. Each One has his role, her talent or gift.


But do not descend into rage. It is rage that pulls the trigger, rage that smashes windows and punches others in the face. Rage says, “There is nothing we can do and so I will explode, will make you the cause of my suffering and its terrible target.” Do not go there, as they say.


Neither descend into fear. It is fear that multiplies fear, that proliferates guns, that descends into silence. Fear cowers in the corner or arms itself to the teeth. Fear is the human heart closing in on itself, and that does no one any good.


So what do you do? Lift it up. Lift it up into the Light. Now, some of you reading may find this “Pollyanna,” may think it is an excuse, and we understand. But hear Us out. What we are prescribing is a very deliberate action of the consciousness that will have an effect, we assure you.


Think of the shooter. Lift him up into the Light. Honor his humanity. See him as a Child of God who has gone astray. Now, you may not “like” this. That is OK. You don’t need to like it. You don’t need to feel comfortable. But try it, as a practice. Send Light to his soul and to his human self which is broken beyond repair, in a sense. Reaffirm his status as a Child of God and you will shift on a spiritual level and so will he.


Same with the victims. See them as eternal. Bless their suffering. Shower it with Light. That doeesn’t mean “like” it. Of course you are are horrified. But sending it Light, sending them Light, bathing them in Divine Love, will lessen their pain and everyone’s pain and redeem them in the Light. What do we mean by redeem? We mean untouched. We mean restored. Returned to their wholeness in the Light, untouched by the horror of events. Say their names, look at their faces, and send them Light.


Now what of the lawmakers, and those who support them? This is the hardest of them all, in a sense. How can they allow it? How can they continue to dabble in fear and death? Because of fear. Fear, fear, fear. Fear and greed. And what fights fear? Only Light. What fights greed? Only Divine abundance.


So send them Light. Wish them Divine abundance. Never mind your aversion to their actions and to their words. Claim them for the Light. You can say it aloud when you see them on the TV or hear them on the news. “I claim you for the Light. I see you in the Light. I elevate you to the level of Light.”


This may sound frivolous, but it is not. Everything you hate, send it Light. Everything you oppose, send it Light. Everything you fear and abhor, send it Light. Send light to tragedy, to hatred, to bigotry, to ignorance and fear. Meeting those things on their own level only assures they will not change.


Meeting them with Light, however, will effect change. When you meet something with Light, when you hold someone in Light, you elevate them to a higher vibration. You create a spark of consciousness. This happens across time and happens across space. It is not “magic” but more like a law of physics you haven’t quite proven yet. That consciousness changes belief, and the action of Light, performed for another, has profound consequences over time and space.


And then “thoughts and prayers,” when done deliberately and not as a platitude or panacea—when the thoughts are “You are Divine” and “I See you in the Light” and “I hold you in the Love of God,” and the prayer is an active shifting of deliberate perception, an elevating of what is seen into the Light—then those “thoughts and prayers” have tremendous power to change the world.


We bless you souls in your suffering and grief, in your (seeming) helplessness, in your violence and loss. We honor your tender hearts and we hold you in the Light as the Sons and Daughters of God that you Are. We ask you to do the same for your brethren everywhere, at every level of consciousness, every status of behavior, every political leaning or level of development they may possess or exist at. Send them Light. Send them love. Affirm their humanity and their Divinity and their inclusion in the Family of Light.


That, above all, will heal the world and bring it to its rightful place into the Light. We bless you all and accompany you, now and always. Amen.


  • Jan Burrelsman says:

    Thank you so much for this clarity on such an unpleasant topic that has happened way too frequently. (Of course, any amount is too much.) Yes, people seem to think Love and Light wishes are said in vain, however I align with your Guides interpretation. I know I cannot stand in the Light and at the same time hold someone else in darkness.

  • Thea Sullivan says:

    Thank YOU, Jan, for your response! This one was a bit nerve-wracking to put out there, since “thoughts and prayers” can seem like such a feeble response, or an excuse. But I do trust that choosing to see another’s humanity and Divinity is a truly powerful act. Thanks again for reading and much LOVE to you!

  • Bonnie Miller says:

    Such a beautiful message from the Guides and a reminder to hold everyone in their divine light. I say to everyone: I know who you are in truth, I know what you are in truth, I know how you serve in truth. You are free, you are free, you are free. Thank you for your service sweet Thea. Much love

  • Thea Sullivan says:

    Thank you, Bonnie, for this and for all the Light you bring each day! <3

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