Ask the Guides #4: Who to Believe, When Spiritual Teachers Disagree?

What do we do when we encounter seeming opposite views about the purpose or nature of life from different spiritual teachers we respect or admire? That’s the thorny question addressed in today’s Ask The Guides.


B. asks:


I am a student and follower of A Course In Miracles, which teaches forgiveness and releasing fear and guilt so we can return home faster to our real home with God—a letting go of this illusory universe.


Recently I read some positive words from Abraham Hicks [a popular channeled teacher] and I loved it but then I started to notice how these guides who teach as Abraham share with students how to manifest things in your life. A Course in Miracles teaches that manifesting is fine, but to remember to forgive because they are all illusions and be careful about making it too “real.” Abraham seems to be more of a proponent of this illusory life, saying let’s live in joy and have all the things we want and we are the leading edge.


There seems to be a deep divide between spiritual teachers about this life and what we’re here for. Am I misinterpreting this?




Dear One,


We thank you for your question and for the purity of heart with which you ask it. We would suggest that both are true. That is to say, that this life is illusory, that the Reality undergirding this human life, this material plane, is much, much greater than anything you can imagine and much, much more significant. That any material gain or material conditions you experience here are vastly overshadowed by the deep significance of your life on a spiritual level. That what is happening on the inside, the inner work, is the closest thing you can get to touching the significance of the spiritual life, the Reality on a soul level, which is the true reality and the only reality that ultimately matters.


Now, at the same time, any “play” that you do on the material level, as long as it is undergirded by energetic truth, is fine and good. The Abraham work which you reference is concerned with the congruence between inner and outer Truth. That is to say, how does your inner Truth influence the outer? How does your energetic state create the outer experience? This is a field of study and a valid one in understanding the power of energy, of intention, of choice. All this is well and good. Some will be more drawn to this type of work than others will be. The critical distinction here is the WHY behind it. That is to say, why are you working with energy? Are you working with energy to make nice things appear in your life which you can enjoy? OK as far as it goes, as long as the things themselves do not become idols. As long as the power itself does not become an idol. As long as one does not judge the path of another who has not yet achieved the ability to do such things. As long as the “trick” does not become the point.


If the play itself is seen as that, as Divine play, we smile upon it. As long as the ego does not become entwined in the “power” of that play. As long as the energy itself is the goal, the awareness of that energy, the honoring of that energy, and the use of that energy to uplift All, to connect All, to experience Oneself as an aspect of the Divine. But not for the sake of the creations themselves. Does this make sense?


Because in the end, the goal is to give up everything. To give up all things. To give up all attachments. To give up all emotions that cause One to suffer. To return, in total, to the energy of the Divine. To total Oneness. There are many paths to this end, and many, many lifetimes needed to complete this journey. Do not be concerned about the “right” way. The “right” way is the Way that you are on, with its twists and turns, its up and downs, its moments of darkness and Light. Play as you see fit. Pray as you see fit. Know your reality as an illusion, and enjoy it, yet, to the extent that you can. Honor the energy and the Love undergirding it all, and know that level as the Reality to which you will return, and the One to which you must attend, in the end, above all else.


Know yourself as blessed, and a Child of God. Thank you, and Amen.

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