Spring Equinox 2018: Solar Storms, Energetic Shifts, and Inner and Outer Change

Have you heard about the massive solar storms currently hitting Earth? According to an article in Elephant Journal, “Currently there is a large, 200,000-kilometer wide, canyon-shaped coronal hole that has opened up in the sun’s atmosphere, dividing almost the entire Earth-facing hemisphere of the sun. From this hole, on Tuesday, March 13th, a stream of high-speed solar wind (hot plasma) was ejected, and flew toward Earth at a speed faster than 600 kilometers per second. The highly charged wind has been buffeting Earth’s magnetic field (protective bubble) ever since.”


When there are intense changes in the Earth’s electromagnetic field like this, we can’t help but feel it, even if we don’t know exactly what it is we’re feeling. You may be extra edgy right now, or out of it, or wired, tired, and emotional, all at once. One friend commented, “I feel like I’ve lost the plot.” I know what she means. I, too, have been feeling spacey and unmoored, and at the same time anxious and excited, like something really big is about to happen.


That may be because it is. According to a variety of sources—spiritual teachers, bloggers, and channelers I follow online—a big energy shift or “upgrade” is coming in along with these solar storms. Some call it “The Event” and claim it’s a long-awaited dimensional shift, even the advent of Christ Consciousness on earth. Others are more low-key, saying it’s just another “upgrade,” another wave of Light to help lift us all up on our paths. Either way, it feels like something important is happening.


I asked my Guides for more information to pass along to all of you, and here’s what they said. I’ve highlighted some of the most important points in bold.




Tell them they are Beloved. Tell them this is a time of great Change.


Change is to be expected, inside and out.


Do not be afraid, Beloved Ones. Your time is coming. We are approaching a Time when once again Light will be ascendant on the Earth, and darkness will be vanquished and relegated to its rightful place in the shadows. This will not happen all at once. It is happening now and it will continue to happen as Time continues to pass and to meld into itself.


What is meant by this? Time is rearranging itself and there may be distortions. This is nothing to worry about. Ride the waves of time as you do everything else. Let it Be. The Changes that are coming will be greatly beneficial to those who are of the Light. What took you tremendous strength to move or change before will now shift with a touch of your finger. That is coming. It is not Here yet but it is on its way. Do not fear.


What of the chaos happening on your Earth? Do not intervene. Do not give it undue attention.


What you do attend to, give it Light. Send it Light and not anxiety, not fear, not fretting and hand-wringing. Believe it or not, that nervous energy only feeds the forces that fuel and thrive on chaos, prolongs the life of crises and upsets by giving them undue legitimacy. Do you understand?


We are not saying they (the events in the “real world”) are not “real.” They are, on the level of reality on which they exist. But that level of reality is not the one we are asking you to attend to. We are asking you to attend to the causal level of reality. The energetic level from which all things emerge.


In a sense, when you are focusing on the “what” that is happening in your world, you are looking at the past. That is to say, you are gazing at the products of old thoughts and outdated energies and fretting over them, as if something can be done.


Well, something can be done, but not to those events which already exist and have already been dreamed into being by others (and perhaps by you, to some degree, to the extent that you projected fear energetically into the future at some time in the past). Are you starting to understand the way it works?


Project your energy into the future by envisioning Light, and then let that light-filled future come to pass and become the Now in which you live.


This is your task, and in a sense, your burden, though you will come to know it as a great gift and even a form of freedom over time.


That is to say, you are free to project into the future, in the form of Light, in the form of energy, that which you “dream.” You do this with where you put your attention now. So put your attention on that which you want in the future. Not on your “lack”—that will bring you more lack. The Universe is nothing if not dispassionate in its willingness to bring you that which you have “ordered” via your attention in the past. Via your generating thoughts and energy states. Via the “weather” you have created energetically that has served as a calling card and instructed Spirit how you are to be treated and responded to on an energetic level. Amen.


Now some of you may object to this on technical grounds, or on the grounds that it seems “cruel.” It is not. It is free will and a learning opportunity.


Once you realize you are not “consigned” to a certain reality but instead can become the author of your reality through careful management of your own energy and your own awareness, you are free.


You are free to choose, free to experience, free to lift the veil and see the Truth. This is what we want for you and what you—the larger You—want for yourself. Embrace the new reality and be at peace.


Namaste, Amen.





I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, and your reports of how you’re feeling and what you’re experiencing during this fascinating time! Please comment below or on Facebook, or send me a note!

And if a personal session with me and the Guides would be useful to get you through these times, I would love to help!

Much LOVE to you all,



  • shelley vermilya says:

    Hi Thea-

    This is particularly affirming:
    “In a sense, when you are focusing on the “what” that is happening in your world, you are looking at the past. That is to say, you are gazing at the products of old thoughts and outdated energies and fretting over them, as if something can be done.”

    The dinosaur of patriarchal-small pie-only a few can be secure belief systems are overdue to depart.

    I’ve had energy that I’ve not had for a while—the solar winds are tossing winter blues aside. New hues are appearing. This is goodness and grace.

    Thank you Guides! Thank you Thea.

  • Jennifer says:

    Perfect! As my life is currently in a transition, I’m trying to stay away from the fear, and fear of inertia. When feeling stuck it’s sometimes hard to remember that nothing stays the same, that this is only a moment, and that things can and will change for the better.

    Thank you

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