Ask the Guides #6: How to Prepare for Coming Changes?

You don’t have to be an intuitive to know that something big is happening in the world right now. There is a feeling everywhere that things are heightened, whether in the personal or political or energetic sphere. Those who are especially sensitive to energy have been reporting a growing sense of anticipation coupled with a kind of agitation or discomfort—the sense that something is about to shift in a very big way. And then we have the recent volcanic eruptions in Hawai’i, the unrest in the Middle East, and just last night, a minor earthquake in San Francisco. Things, it’s fair to say, are shifting under our feet.

In the spiritual or metaphysical world, in particular, there is a lot of buzz. Some talk about long-prophesied Earth changes that will force us to reconsider our way of life, and others talk about “The Event,” an incoming wave of energy that will raise (or is currently raising) our collective consciousness.

Whatever the case is, change is on the horizon, and it’s good to be prepared. That’s why I chose the following question to bring to the Guides today, from K. who submitted it for my recent birthday raffle. (Thanks!)




K. asks:

What is the best way to prepare for change? And by change, I mean the buzz everyone is talking about a shift in consciousness, an evolution in humankind. 


The Guides respond:


Dear Ones, we would say this. Do not be afraid. That is the number one piece of guidance for anyone anywhere at this time, or really at any time. It is Time for the children of Earth to become aware of their Divine safety, no matter what happens in the outer world, or appears to. Since the fall of man, which is to say the descent of Earth into duality consciousness or separation consciousness, there has been Fear. And Fear is the opposite of Love, which is your nature and your birthright.


Now, we are not talking about small “l” love, the way you do. We are not talking about familial love or romantic love or “Oh my gosh I love that thing so much!” the way you do in your quite charming enthusiasm for this or that. No. We are talking about capital “L” Love, which is a Divine quality that is the basis of the Universe. It is the state of Union. It is the reconciliation of all things into One. It is the Oneness of all Beings. It is the reverence for life that is at the heart of existence. It is Being itself. It is God itself.


Now, all of this can be a cliché, or sound like a cliché, and that is not what we are talking about. We are not talking about living in a pink cloud where everything is dandy and you retreat from the world as it is. No. We are talking about opening yourself up to blaze with the Light of Creation which is your birthright and becoming aware of your Oneness with All that Is. Stepping into your brilliance, which is not about your ego but about your Light. The Light of Love that you are made of and that you were made for, and which you must naturally shower on all that you see, once you become aware of your origins and your True nature. Amen, Amen.


So how do you prepare for the changes that are coming? Well, number one, you Are the change. All of you who are awakening to your true nature, to your glory which is the glory of the Divine, you Are the change. You will bring in the change yourselves as you elevate your vibration to the frequency of Love. So the more you are in harmony with that elevation, the less bumpy that ride will be.


How do you do that, you may ask? How do you come into harmony with that elevation of frequency? Simply do not entertain fear. Do not entertain hatred. Do not entertain separation. Lift above the ordinary consciousness as much as possible through whatever means necessary and stay there as long as you can. Meditation, yoga, creativity, stillness, solitude, laughter—whatever gives you joy and peace. Whatever space you can give yourself to feel uplifted, to feel protected, to feel held, embrace that space and give yourself that state. There is no need to contribute to negativity in any form. Let it go. Do not try to affect outer events. Instead, tend to the inner work, which is raising the vibration and living in the Light.


There is a misconception among human beings that attending to what is “wrong” in the world is how we bring about what is “right.” This is untrue. The way you bring about right is to create the inner conditions through which the outer events are no longer possible. So do not feel guilty about turning away, to some degree, from the outer events of life. To the extent that you give them credence, send them Love. Send them Light. Bless all involved, and by all, we mean all. Every last person, every participant, every faction, every leader. All deserve Love and all deserve blessing. Each one is an actor on a stage, and the play being performed is the greatest in history. So thank them for their Service as a soul, even if the part they’re playing makes no sense to you, or looks like villainy, or scares you to death.


Which brings us back to fear. The number one thing you can do, we say again and again, is stay above fear. Watch your fear from a distance, but do not believe it. Bless your fear as you would bless a frightened child. Affirm your safety, over and over again. Affirm the inherent goodness of All: of all events, of all happenings, of all changes, of all Beings. Because, in fact, this is the Truth. There is goodness in All that Is, and even the Ones playing the darkness, playing the roles of villains, appearing to do great damage, even they are contributing to the change, though not in the way you might like. They are catalyzing the end of the old world by speeding it to its conclusion so the new world may be born. For this, they are blessed, in their own way, as the rest of us prepare to take up the mantle of the new Earth and of the new age and rebuild a world where Love can reign. Amen, Amen.


So, dearest Ones, be of faith. Be of good cheer. Remember your safety at all times. Look upon the world as a mother would: fondly, with forbearance, with an understanding that growth is necessary and sometimes messy. Affirm your faith in the graceful evolution that is happening and is necessary and that sometimes may give rise to fear but which is ultimately designed to vanquish fear once and for all. Keep your eye on the prize, as they say, and the prize is nothing less than the soul’s liberation, the soul’s evolution, as a collective movement into Light.


We send you all Love with a capital “L.” Blessed Be, dear Ones. Be at Peace.



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  • Amy says:

    Such a perfect message!

  • Christine says:

    “There is no need to contribute to negativity in any form. Let it go.”

    Those words jumped out at me. Beautiful read, Thea. Thanks to you and the Guides for sharing the wisdom. 🤗 Namaste

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