Ask the Guides #7: Separations at the Border


To be honest, I’ve been avoiding asking the Guides about what’s happening at the U.S. border. I’ve been so heartbroken and horror struck by what’s taking place, I didn’t want to hear how it’s all OK or part of God’s plan. And I’ve been finding it hard to sit down with my own outrage and helplessness long enough to ask.


But then, the other night, I was sharing a glass of wine with a friend in her backyard and our conversation came back, over and over again, to the children and families we’ve seen on the news. How we are thinking about them constantly. How we are losing sleep over it. How we have to figure out what to do, how to help.


“Have you asked the Guides?” she asked me, and I admitted that I hadn’t. As we said goodbye at the end of the night, I promised her I would. Their answer, as usual, is both comforting and challenging, not exactly what I expected but not totally surprising. I expected them to talk more about the families and less about the perpetrators of these cruel policies and how we might think about them.


In any case, I offer their words to you in Love and welcome your thoughts.




Q: What do we need to know about the separation of families at the border? What can we do? What is the role of those who care?


The Guides respond:


Dear Ones,


Do not fear. This would be our first counsel to you. There are those acting in fear and in control and the temptation is to respond with fear as well. “What does this mean? Where is this taking us? Who are we now?”


Well, there have always been those who have ruled and acted out of fear and the need for control. That is what you are seeing now and the terrible price that gets paid when such Ones are in control. Fear and control break hearts because they deny the humanity of others. They [those who act from fear/control] are separate from God and from Source and from themselves—that is to say, from Who They Really Are—and so they enforce that separation onto others, both literally and figuratively.


The immigrant, the refugee, stands, in the minds of those enforcing separation, for the other. For all they would “other” in themselves. For all they want to keep out, not only in society but in themselves. The Shadow. Lack. Vulnerability. Deprivation. Fear. They push it out of themselves and say,

We are not that.

I am not that.

We reject that.

And in so doing they deny themselves Love and deny the love of others, while also doing great injury to others. They do this in darkness and fear, and so deserve a bit of compassion themselves, for what they do not understand.


Their ability to separate children from their parents is also evidence of deep separation in themselves. The bond between a mother and child, between a parent and child, is the closest thing on Earth to the relationship between God or Source and the individual soul, two as one, and to see young children broken from their mothers, from their parents, is to see that bond ruptured in a terrible way. It is a denial of the Self in every way [on the part of the enforcer of such separation] and a punishment no child should ever have to bear.


And yet, and yet. It is taking place, at least on this level of reality, which we would remind you is not the Real-est. But it is the primary one in which you live for now, so what is One to do?


Reject separation in all its forms. Proclaim Oneness in all its manifestations. Be One. Hold that All are One. See every One as One, including those who would enforce separation. Do you see? Even those you “hate” are One.


We realize it is difficult for you to summon compassion for those who act badly, who are the agents of harm, and yet it is your role as champions of Oneness to keep all inside the circle of Love, even those you despise. Do not hate them, as much as you hate and abhor their actions. Love them by inviting them into the circle of Oneness, if only in Spirit.


Stand for Oneness.

Stand up for Oneness.

Do not let fear infect your heart.

Do not hate that which you despise—simply send it Love.

Send it Love in phone calls.

Send it Love in letters.

Send it Love in donations.

Send it Love in action.

Send it Love in energy.

Send it Love in thought.

Be a Warrior for Love, for Oneness, for compassion which is a form of both.


Do not allow that which you “hate” to make you hate, to draw you into separation. The “fight” is not between Us and Them. The “fight,” if you will, is between Oneness and separation, between unity and duality. Between Us/ Them, and All Are One.


To Be the Love that you Are, stand in your brokenness as a Child of God and do not be afraid to show your brokenness, your heartbrokenness, your tears. Hearts will be opened one by one. The children will open them. The parents will open them. You will open them. Only the hardest hearts will not open, and even they will not be able withstand the tidal wave of Love that is coming, that is on its way, that is you and that you are part of and that is One with the Divine. Amen.


Until then, stay in Unity, and do what your heart tells you. You are Loved and Blessed, as are All.

All are One.

All are One.

All are One.





I welcome your thoughts, comments, and ideas here, or in Facebook comments, or via email.

Much LOVE and Light to All,


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  • Laura says:

    Wow! As always, that made me feel better. It gives me a perspective I don’t seem to go to on my own and a place from which to view that is manageable for me in the day to day. Most importantly, it revitalizes my hope🧡. Thanks

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