Ask the Guides #8: How Not to Lose Hope

While on vacation earlier this summer, I got a call from a client who was struggling with despair. She is a deeply caring and committed person, and she’s been feeling distressed, as so many of us have, by the separation of families at the border here in the U.S. and the suffering of so many others in our country, all while too many people she knows seem to turn a blind eye. She’s done canvassing for candidates, demonstrations, and spoken out, but she’s still feeling helpless.

“I feel like I’m shouting into the void,” she told me. “And I feel like I’m slipping underwater emotionally myself.”

So many people I know are asking the same questions. How do I not lose hope? How do I stay strong? What can I do to help?

With my client’s permission, I am sharing the guidance that came through for her. Although her despair at the time was focused on the family separations—an issue that is still very much going on—the Guides’ wisdom is universal, speaking to the overall question of how we can respond to a world full of heartbreak and suffering, and how each of us can make a very big difference.

I hope it helps, and a big THANK YOU to my client for letting me share this with you.




Dear One,


Tend to your vibration. This is our guidance to you and to so many at this critical time. For this is indeed a critical time, but not in the way you think. The events on the ground are upsetting, yes. Deeply upsetting on a human level, and indeed, the angels weep, as they say, when Dear Ones are in darkness and when innocents are harmed. The human drama, the drama of duality, is full of pain and heartbreak, and the fact that this is happening in your country is, to many of you, an insult and an affront and a shock to the system. We appreciate this and acknowledge this and we send you Love and comfort at this time of upheaval. We also want to alert you to the bigger story, the larger drama, the extra-human plot unfolding, if you will, so that you may choose accordingly.


The “other side,” if you will, is that group of souls, that energy mass, that would force you into fear. Fear is a form of subjugation, and it is having its day. Well, it has always had its day in your sphere, but now it is on your doorstep. The ones in control are the purveyors of fear at this time in your world (country). They want to make you afraid, they want to make you lose hope, they want to make you hate. This is their fuel. Think of the dementors in Harry Potter. Do not let them suck out your joy. They feed on your fear. Fear is anything that is not Love. Love is your weapon. Love is your safety. Love is your birthright, and Who You Are. So what does that mean?


It means mind your broadcast. Your broadcast is the energy you transmit, and also the energy you receive. Do you see? “They” want you to get hooked into the drama of duality. Your “job” is not to let them. Your job is to keep your energy high, not as a side effect, but as Resistance itself.


Resistance is energetic, first and foremost. This is the most difficult, and most important, thing we would like to convey. The “battle” is a battle for energy. A battle of consciousness. A battle between Light and dark, in a sense. Not “good people” vs. “bad people,” or Us vs. Them, or our policies vs. theirs, though of course this is how it is manifested on the ground level. But to work on that ground level is not in fact the most effective place to work. We hate to tell you this because we know it creates inner discord, confusion, even guilt. But we are not saying do not act. We are saying, act where your heart is aligned, where you can stay in Love. And, more importantly, act on the level of energy. Know that the real change is happening on the level of consciousness, not on the ground. Not by yelling and forcing, but by Love.


And what is Love? It is holding a vibration. It is affirming a new world. You are the Ones who will bring in the new world, and you will do it, ARE doing it, via your vibration.


Do you understand now? Being “OK” is not a sin, it is the very point, in that your OKness—not your privilege and comfort but your high vibration—is what ushers in change. As above, so below. As within, so without. You fight back by refusing to lower yourself to the level of vibration where fear can exist. Every day, tend your vibration. Every day, BE the peace that you seek. Every day, insist on the Presence of the new world coming into Being. “Be the change you want to see” is an energetic truth. Many will not understand, but they will feel, on a subtle level, the effects of your frequency on themselves. It will lift them up, and together you will lift up the energy of the whole.


Now, we want to say a word about the victims of this time, and about the danger you perceive. Yes, there is suffering, and from a human vantage point it is indeed terrible. But every soul involved has agreed to play her part. Every soul involved is an actor in this play, and their suffering is but the blink of an eye compared to the glory All will enjoy and experience in the coming Age. Now, from the human vantage point, this sounds like what you would call a colossal rationalization. We assure you it is not. We assure you it is True. Bless those brave souls who have chosen to live in darkness and play their parts well. Bless those human souls who have chosen to take the part of innocent victim. They are indeed holy. Bless those that are sleeping. Bless those that are enraged. Hold them all in your Circle of Light, your circle of Love, and thank them, yes, thank them for the Service they are providing to the inhabitants of Earth and to the cosmos, so All may awaken and be transported into the Light.


Now, what to do? Tend your vibration, yes. Be the Resistance, yes. Beyond that, we say, listen to your heart. What do you want? Not what you “should” do. But what do you want? Your heart will know. You do not have to be “happy.” That may be too strong an ask for these times. But there is a deeper current, and that is inner joy. The vessel takes inner joy from doing this work, although she is not always “happy.” But she has found her place in terms of the Resistance, in terms of helping to raise the vibration of others. You too have a place, a way, to tap that inner joy and do your part. It does not need to be in the streets, although it could be if that is where joy is found.


Where is joy found? Where is your radical joy? For joy is a radical act. It proclaims Divine Union in its very Being. It proclaims essential goodness in the face of fear. It is the celebration of life in the face of Death, and in that sense, it vanquishes all that would seek to quash it.


That is your path. That is your work. The form it takes is only important in that it gives you joy and fulfills your requirements while keeping your energy high. This is being a Freedom Fighter as much as anything. Affirming life in the face of fear. Affirming Joy in the face of hate. Loving those who would conquer you, and in doing so, conquering All.


We send you great blessings today and every day, Beloved One. Namaste, Amen.




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Much LOVE and Light to you all,


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  • Aimée Alley says:

    Thea thank you for sharing this guidance. It is so affirming for me personally as well.Trusting to tend to ones vibration can be trusting in the unknown! Thank God for the “echo” that resonates back! Love you girl!

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