Ask the Guides #9: How to Access My Own Knowing

This is Part 1 of a two-part disucssion from the Guides about being in our own knowing. The second part will address the more practical aspect of inner knowing as it relates to everyday decision-making. Here is the question from a client of mine:


Q: Does being in connection with higher energies simply mean being in the state of love? Is this how I access my own knowing?


Dear One,


Yes and no. Being in a state of Love is another way of saying raising your vibration or seeing from a higher place. And yes, that is the precursor to hearing your own guidance or your own knowing. In fact, once you position yourself in a high vibration, there will be no such thing as not Knowing. You will be in a state of Knowing. Many of you are already there much of the time.


What blocks your Knowing is fear. Fear says, “I do not know, I cannot know, what if I am wrong?” Love says, I Am. And in the “I Am” consciousness, the Knowing already exists.


The key distinction we would like you to make is between your human “mood” and your consciousness. It is normal to go in and out of various states of mind, states of mood, and not all of them will feel nice. Sometimes you will be unhappy. Sometimes you will be fearful, or anxious, or angry. That is OK. This does not mean you are doing it “wrong,” and it does not mean you are not able to hear yourself or your inner knowing. It simply means you may not be in touch with it in that moment, because the frequency has dipped, and your ability to “hear” or perceive is temporarily blocked.


The question is, what is your setpoint, your default, your prevailing mode of Being? If your prevailing mode of Being is Love, which is Unity, which is Knowing, you will Know.


Knowing may not look like instructions, per se. It may look like stillness. It may look like an overall sense of wellbeing despite outer events. It may look like a feeling of Oneness that transcends particulars. That is true Knowing. Knowing Who You Are. Knowing what is True, which is that you are Eternal and all is well.


The spiritual novice longs for specifics. The spiritual Elder begins to realize that specifics do not matter. That One will be led. That time is immaterial. That Love is All. That all is well. That is true Knowing.


Amen, Amen.


As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments below, or on my Facebook Page, or on the contact page of my website! Much LOVE to all and look for part 2 tomorrow!


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