Ask the Guides #10: How to make decisions

The most common question I get from clients is about how to use intuition in a practical way, or how to hear (and trust) their inner guidance. Here’s an example of such a question, and the Guides’ response.




Q: How do I use my inner knowing to make good decisions? I feel like a lot of times my mind says one thing and my “gut” says another, or else I just feel confused trying to discern what is the “right” thing to do.


Dear One,


You are in fear. That is the issue here. When you feel “confused,” or afraid of making a “wrong” decision, that is simply fear. What would you do if you weren’t afraid? That is what we would like you to consider.


Now, that does not mean act. Oftentimes it is fear telling us to act when in fact no action is needed. Other times, we are so afraid to act we do nothing, and stay in a situation longer than is necessary. The thing to remember is that on the level of spirit, on the level of soul, there is no judgment. This is not a theory, or a charitable attitude on the part of the soul. It is a fact. There is no judgment. No one decision is “better” than another. All is for the good, in a sense, even what seems “bad.” We do not judge you the way you judge yourselves. We observe. We love. We embrace. We See. We support. We encourage. That is all.


Now, back to the question. How can One use her inner knowing to make good decisions? Again, we ask you to hear the word “good” as a product of fear. There is fear of doing it “wrong,” and so there is pressure on doing it “right,” and this is the vibration of fear. So the first step is to release the fear. To remember that One is safe. To know that there is no risk, that nothing can harm the Self. That One is free. Amen.


So start with that. Start by looking within and noticing the fear, and then releasing it. That will clear the decks, so to speak. It will create a space for knowing to enter.


Next, there is the practice of radical inner listening. That is a kind of subtle attention to the interior of the self, the inner ear if you will, turned to the many layers of the self in search of the voice of the Self. This is a practice and it will take time. What are the voices you hear? Some may be frantic, or at least very busy. Those are the voices of the mind, and again, a vestige of fear. The “what if, what if, what if” mind is simply fear. Clear out another layer and listen again.


The voice of the Self—the eternal You, the knowing Self—is quiet and calm. It is unperturbed. It is assured of the “outcome,” in a sense, knowing there is no real outcome other than What Is, which is the eternal Now. The Self has your best interests at heart, though it may often encourage you to do or not do something that feels like a risk. Something that feels impractical. Something that feels, to your mind, “wrong” or strange or simply illogical. Like waiting without doing. Like “not worrying about it.” Like trusting. Or like taking a seemingly unrelated action, or small step, that doesn’t seem like enough.


For example, your mind may tell you that you need to run around doing all kinds of things to make a certain thing happen in your life. But your soul may say, “sit and be quiet.” Or, “sit and cry the tears that are waiting to be expressed.” Or, call this certain friend and have a nice chat. Now, why is that? Because your soul is interested in Truth and peace and raising your vibration to a higher level so that you may be clear and so that you may draw to yourself that which is meant for you.


The mind thinks you need to run around like a headless chicken, doing, doing. But the soul knows that sometimes it is the smallest action, the “tweak” of the energy field, the release of emotion, or the connection with another, that makes way for the new to enter. The soul knows that it is energy that truly moves mountains, not effort.


Now, many are awakening to this ancient Truth. That energy is the mover, not doing, not thinking, not fear. And so we would encourage you to mind your energy, to turn your attention inward, to listen for the silent nudges you feel and notice where they seem to take you, what they ask of you, how they feel.


Are they saying, “Be still?”

Are they saying, “All is well?”

Are they saying, do this small thing that you don’t understand but that nevertheless feels right?


All of those can be trusted. All of those are of the Self. The voice of fear has a different quality, a restless, troubled quality, and may be released so that knowing may enter.


Amen, Amen.




As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, and reflections on this! Much LOVE to all,



  • Molly says:

    I love this! Thank you, Thea. Be still. Forgive. Observe. Action and inaction are both welcome parts in the journey.

  • Mary says:

    Thank you, Thea, for sharing messages from the Guides. I always look forward to reading them. They are always right on “point”.
    Deep gratitude.

  • Poonam Dayal says:

    Thea, Thanks for sharing great conversations.
    I like the connection between non-judgemental-ness and the ease of receiving inner knowing. I’ll have to work on that.

    I’ve been successful in yielding to my inner value of stillness BUT even while it appears that I’ve mastered/ over-come cultural programing for productivity, it’s only external. The judgement lingers. I value my energy quality/frequency above all else (because I AM energy) but I still wish I could point to accomplishments. Even if I could show people the subtle battles I’ve waged, it would only freak them out that thought is power. Countering dark thoughts, with Light thoughts, Loving thoughts … they DO move mountains, it’s just hard to witness… like how a sunflower looks stationary but it follows the sun. Thought-energy is the power of creation and the greater the feeling behind those thoughts, the more power or voltage they have. In the end, all we have are the thoughts that emerge from our feelings… so, let me be a portal for love.


    Consider making a meme out of your guide’s statement: “The soul knows that it is energy that truly moves mountains, not effort.” as well as “The thing to remember is that on the level of spirit, on the level of soul, there is no judgment. This is not a theory, or a charitable attitude on the part of the soul. It is a fact. “

    • Thea Sullivan says:

      Thank you Poonam! I know what you mean about the invisibility of the inner work/ inner path. It can be frustrating. But I know for sure that we are being celebrated on other levels, more than we can imagine, for this very important work of clearing and aligning, in the service of all. And I for one see and celebrate you for that! (:

      • Poonam Dayal says:

        I do the work/alignment because it’s the only path for me but I have to say… being reminded that “we are being celebrated on other levels, more than we can imagine” always makes me tremble, breathe heavily and release at least a single tear, if not more (biological recovery symptoms of spiritual post-trauma I suspect). Thank you for reminding me of our colossal sized spiritual audience rooting for us. When limited to only 5 senses we can’t hear or see our varied angels… thus your work is so valuable. Thank you.

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