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Ask the Guides #7: Separations at the Border

  To be honest, I’ve been avoiding asking the Guides about what’s happening at the U.S. border. I’ve been so heartbroken and horror struck by what’s taking place, I didn’t want to hear how it’s all OK or part of God’s plan. And I’ve been finding it hard to sit down with my own outrage […]

Ask the Guides #6: How to Prepare for Coming Changes?

You don’t have to be an intuitive to know that something big is happening in the world right now. There is a feeling everywhere that things are heightened, whether in the personal or political or energetic sphere. Those who are especially sensitive to energy have been reporting a growing sense of anticipation coupled with a […]

Spring Equinox 2018: Solar Storms, Energetic Shifts, and Inner and Outer Change

Have you heard about the massive solar storms currently hitting Earth? According to an article in Elephant Journal, “Currently there is a large, 200,000-kilometer wide, canyon-shaped coronal hole that has opened up in the sun’s atmosphere, dividing almost the entire Earth-facing hemisphere of the sun. From this hole, on Tuesday, March 13th, a stream of high-speed solar […]

Ask the Guides #4: Who to Believe, When Spiritual Teachers Disagree?

What do we do when we encounter seeming opposite views about the purpose or nature of life from different spiritual teachers we respect or admire? That’s the thorny question addressed in today’s Ask The Guides.   B. asks:   I am a student and follower of A Course In Miracles, which teaches forgiveness and releasing […]

Ask the Guides #3: How Do We Respond to Mass Shootings?

Heartbroken and soul-sick in the wake of another senseless school shooting, I decided to bring to the Guides the question I imagine is on the minds of every reasonable person and parent in this country. I asked: “How do we respond to these horrific, repeated events? Like everyone, I feel sickened and helpless. Part of […]

Ask the Guides #2: Monogamy and Polyamory

In the second installment in our new advice column, the Guides address open relationships vs. exclusivity—just in time for Valentine’s Day!   •••   H. asks:   I have a question about monogamy versus polyamory. I see a lot of articles in the media on polyamory and open relationship and it seems to me that […]

Ask the Guides #1: The Role of Parents

(Yes, in case you were wondering, that IS a picture of me. You’re welcome.)   All-new feature on my blog—ASK THE GUIDES!   For a long time now, I’ve wanted to add an advice column feature to my blog, where people can submit general questions and I can share the Guides’ answers. To kick it […]

When Life is Not “Fair”

As you may know, I’ve been spending a lot of my time lately going through notebooks full of wisdom from the Guides. I have piles of them (see above). For years before I started doing readings for other people, I was consulting the Guides privately, asking my own personal questions and getting pages full of […]