Beginning June 17, 2019

The Path of Personal Mastery:

Trusting Your Intuition for Spiritual and Personal Success

An ONLINE course with Thea Sullivan!


In this fun-filled, warm, and in-depth 10-week course, you’ll learn ways to go inward and connect with your deepest knowing, gain clarity and ease in decision-making, understand your path and purpose, feel connected to yourself and the Divine, and become a source of peace and positive change in the world.

Watch this short video to find out how this class can awaken or strengthen your relationship to intuition, or scroll down to learn more!


The course includes:

        • Inspiring readings from Thea and the Guides
        • Powerful activities you can do on-the-go or at home
        • A weekly video message from Thea
        • Ten different guided meditations
        • Membership in a supportive private Facebook group
        • Lifetime access to these materials!


All at your own pace, and on your own schedule!

You’ll explore meditation and energy clearing, discerning between the mind and the heart, the role of emotions, the spiritual rules of relationship, the real source of love, and the life-changing power of applying a soul perspective to human life. Featuring lively activities, insightful conversation, and warm spiritual  online community.


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What past participants say:

“I’ve told two friends and one stranger to take the course. This innovative, intuitive course allowed me the space to reflect deeply on my life in the present. I experienced synchronicity often. Things came together for me as a writer and woman. I’ve stop letting others in “authority” take my power. My internal knowing has taken over and I’m working on balance. One such breakthrough is to impose more structure on my creative work and less on my teaching. Let’s see what happens. Thea is a truly kind and insightful. She provides reflective and practical materials and wonderful meditations!”

—Mary H., New York, NY


“I sincerely enjoyed the intuition class with Thea. The content applies to anyone, regardless of their spiritual path. Thea’s writing [used as a “text” of sorts] is beautiful and touched my heart. She was always present, kind, and responsive. Thank you for a great class!”

—Emilia S.


“Despite a very full spring of teaching and family, I decided to do something for myself, for my soul, and that ‘thing’ was Thea’s class. I loved it! Each week gave me an opportunity to get back in touch with a piece of myself in a community of people doing the same. This class is gentle in its way, and in the gentleness one is allowed to do however much or little work they wish. It’s about our intuition and so much more. Thea is a lovely leader—she listens to the group, adjusts, and manages and guides it just the same. She is a blend of serious and fun and deeply empathetic. I was grateful for the experience and recommend treating yourself to the same!”

—Amy P.


“I took Thea’s class last spring, and even though I am not one to motivate myself to go to an evening class, this class was an exception. It really helped me through some tough times. Thea teaches how to get in touch with your intuition, and center yourself for good decision making. I would highly recommend it.”

—Lisa P.





Class topics include:


  • What is Personal Mastery?
  • The Road Inward
  • The Multi-Layered Self
  • Discernment and Inner Listening
  • Signs and synchronicities
  • Trust and Divine Connection
  • The (Bumpy) Path of Growth
  • The Role of Relationships
  • Finding Peace in a Troubled World
  • Path and Purpose





Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have! I hope to see you soon!


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