Once-a-month group begins December 10!

Women’s Online Support Circle

with intuitive, clairaudient, and coach Thea Sullivan



“Thea, thank you for so much. For bringing us together, for your beautiful teachings, for sharing your vast knowledge of intuition, and for helping me to get a grasp and, dare I say it, fondness for self-love. I’ve learned so much and am feeling quite grounded and at peace.”

—B. N., Seattle, WA


We are living through an unprecedented time of shift, change, and uncertainty. Many of us are working hard to be strong for others. Others of us are not feeling as strong as we’d like. And all of us are being challenged in new ways to find steadiness amid the storm, to see the light amid apparent darkness, and to practice self-love in the face of our own vulnerability.

If this resonates, consider joining me for a monthly support circle designed to hold space for you wherever you are. You’ll find warm community, comfort, inspiration, and ways to cultivate a higher perspective as you navigate these challenging times.

During each 90-minute live session on Zoom, I will lead a meditation, share wisdom from the Guides, offer tools for self-care and balance, and make space for each of you to share your own experience and receive support from the group. As an experienced facilitator, I will make sure you feel heard, supported, seen, and held.

All sessions will be recorded for those who can’t attend, and you can be paired with a support partner if you choose.

Monthly meetings will include:

—Space for sharing how you’re doing.

—A new monthly theme, such as gratitude, power, surrender, and self-love.

—A meditation and/or guided visualization.

—A short writing and reflection exercise.

—Wisdom from the Guides.

…and more!

One Thursday a month beginning December 10

5 PM Pacific/ 8 PM Eastern
Group limited to 15

Please note: You’ll see the Paypal cost for four sessions as $206. The $6 is to cover Paypal fees. If you prefer, you can pay via the Venmo app with no fees (@Thea-Sullivan). Also, if finances are a problem, just contact me and we can work out a discount or payment plan. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.


Exact dates: Dec. 10, Jan. 14, Feb. 11, Mar. 11


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What past participants say about Thea’s classes and groups:

“I’ve told two friends and one stranger to take the course. This innovative, intuitive course allowed me the space to reflect deeply on my life in the present. I experienced synchronicity often. Things came together for me as a writer and woman. I’ve stop letting others in “authority” take my power. My internal knowing has taken over and I’m working on balance. One such breakthrough is to impose more structure on my creative work and less on my teaching. Let’s see what happens. Thea is a truly kind and insightful. She provides reflective and practical materials and wonderful meditations!”

—Mary H., New York, NY


“I sincerely enjoyed the intuition class with Thea. The content applies to anyone, regardless of their spiritual path. Thea’s writing [used as a “text” of sorts] is beautiful and touched my heart. She was always present, kind, and responsive. Thank you for a great class!”

—Emilia S.


“Despite a very full spring of teaching and family, I decided to do something for myself, for my soul, and that ‘thing’ was Thea’s class. I loved it! Each week gave me an opportunity to get back in touch with a piece of myself in a community of people doing the same. This class is gentle in its way, and in the gentleness one is allowed to do however much or little work they wish. It’s about our intuition and so much more. Thea is a lovely leader—she listens to the group, adjusts, and manages and guides it just the same. She is a blend of serious and fun and deeply empathetic. I was grateful for the experience and recommend treating yourself to the same!”

—Amy P.


“I took Thea’s class last spring, and even though I am not one to motivate myself to go to an evening class, this class was an exception. It really helped me through some tough times. Thea teaches how to get in touch with your intuition, and center yourself for good decision making. I would highly recommend it.”

—Lisa P.




Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have! I hope to see you soon!