The work I do is a bit unique, and you may have questions.
Here are some answers!



I have a specific problem or challenge I need guidance on. Can you help?

Yes! You can come to me with a real-life issue or question—career, relationship, family, a difficult decision to make. We discuss it first, and then I bring it to the Guides. I transcribe and email their guidance to you. Finally, we have a coaching call to discuss the wisdom received and how to put it into action.

The phrase “Big Picture” refers to the expansiveness of the perspective the Guides offer, not to the size or content of the questions you may have. Ordinary struggles and problems are fine!


Will you tell me what decision I should make, or predict what’s going to happen in the future?

No, and that’s a good thing. Predictions or advice are rarely useful. What I can do is help you see the present with new eyes, and help you clear the way to know your own answers with confidence and grace.


What if I don’t have a specific question, or don’t know what to ask?

No problem. We can use our initial phone call to come up with questions, and/or you can ask something more open-ended like, “What do I need to know right now in order to move forward?”


How many questions can I ask in one session?

In an introductory session, three to four questions work best. For repeat clients, the number of questions depends on how long a session you choose.


Do you only work by phone?

I work exclusively by phone (or Zoom) and email.


What if I can’t find an appointment time that fits my schedule?

Just send me a message using the Contact link and we will find a time that works.








What do you mean when you say you are an “intuitive” and receive “intuitive guidance?” Aren’t we all intuitive?

Absolutely. Everyone is intuitive! Everyone has the capacity to know and sense the truth on a deeper level. One of my goals is to help you connect even more with your own sense of inner knowing, in whatever way feels most natural to you.

But to be an intuitive is to be a specialist in this area. I’ve always known and felt things about people without knowing how I know them (this is known as being an Empath), and I also have a special skill called clairaudience.


What is clairaudience?

Clairaudience is inner or extrasensory hearing. According to the Psychic Library, those who are clairaudient can “hear voices, sounds or music that are not audible to the normal ear. They receive these messages mentally or within their ears.”

In my case, I sense messages internally and transcribe guidance for clients through a practice I call guided writing.


Is that the same as “automatic writing”?

The term automatic writing, which has been around since at least the 19th century, tends to connote a spiritual phenomenon in which the hand moves by itself and the mind is unaware of what is being written. Many poets and those in the Spiritualist tradition described what they did as automatic writing. Because I receive messages mentally and then consciously transcribe them, I like the term “guided writing.”


Who are the Guides?

I answer that very question here.


Does that mean you are psychic?

I’m clairaudient but not clairvoyant (which is usually what people mean when they say “psychic”).  In other words, I don’t typically access information about your life that you haven’t given me, and as I’ve said, I don’t predict the future. Rather, via the Guides, I can offer higher perspective on your questions, provide insight into your soul identity and mission, and help you see the highest way forward.




I thought you were a writer.

I am. I’ve spent many years writing poetry, essays, and teaching creative writing, all of which I love. You can visit my writing website here. But I’ve always been equally engaged in and fascinated by spiritual and emotional growth, and have been exploring metaphysical and faith traditions as well as doing my own deep inner work for decades. My practice of guided writing actually started long before I published any creative work or started teaching creative writing classes, and it springs from the same desire: to connect deeply with others and know the truth.


How did you get started doing this spiritual work?

My practice of guided writing started by accident twenty-five years ago when I was a young, impatient writer feeling terribly stuck. I prayed for help, never imagining I’d get an answer, much less discover a surprising ability. I tell that story here and here.


Why should I book a session with you?

In twenty-five years of doing this work privately, the guidance I’ve received for myself and others has been of very high quality, surprisingly profound, and enormously helpful. You can find some examples of that guidance in blog posts like this one: One Big Reason for Hope, or What the Guides Told Me After the Election. and this one: You Are Needed: A Message in Advance of the Eclipse.


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