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Ask the Guides #2: Monogamy and Polyamory

In the second installment in our new advice column, the Guides address open relationships vs. exclusivity—just in time for Valentine’s Day!




H. asks:


I have a question about monogamy versus polyamory. I see a lot of articles in the media on polyamory and open relationship and it seems to me that it is becoming in vogue again, kind of like in the Sixties, and that many people are experimenting with new ways of being in relationships. I am wondering what is happening when you are not exclusive in your love relationship, and if it is possible to maintain deep intimacy or if the relationships get watered down by having multiple partners.

Many people are cheating on each other anyway and so allowing affairs can seem like a protection in a way. And yet so many still want monogamy and hold on to the idea of exclusivity and dream of “the one and only.”

Finally, what do you do if one partner wants monogamy and the other doesn’t? I would love to hear what the guides have to say about this topic.




The Guides respond:


Dear Ones,


In a sense, love on the human plane is like a playground. There is a lot of freedom. Freedom to choose, freedom to experiment. And like a playground, there is the risk of getting hurt. One may stretch too far or overestimate his or her limits or abilities, and there will be a consequence. One may fall down. One may end up injured. One may then look at the playground differently next time, may say, I’m not going to try that again.


So we would counsel you to be objective in terms of what each one chooses and why, what each one may be learning and how. There are easier and harder ways to learn, and each soul makes his or her own path. This is not just true in relationship, but it is especially true in relationship.


So, your way and another’s may be different. Your way and another’s may be compatible or they may not. The question is, what’s right for you? If you are monogamous and your partner is not, you may have a problem. It doesn’t matter what is “right” in an objective sense. What matters is that your boundaries are likely to be violated. If you are willing to give of yourself exclusively and another is not, that is a recipe for injury. Why would you give fully of yourself to someone who is not willing to give fully to you? It is a choice you can make, but the question is, how does it feel? Does it feel good? Is it what you want? Are you willing to ask for what you want? These are the questions that matter, because these are the questions that will lead to growth.


Now, can a person remain deeply intimate with another while in an open relationship? Yes and no. The intimacy there is likely to include all the feelings provoked by the other connections the person has. So that is a sort of intimacy, in a sense. The intimacy to feel rage or jealousy or desire or whatever other feelings must also be present when there is more than one romantic connection. This is a kind of intimacy, but it is much more difficult than the “simple” intimacy between two people, which we know is not actually simple at all. Either way you will grow. It is simply a matter of how.


As always, there is no “right” or “wrong.” Everything is of God. But not everything is of you, or for you. That is to say, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or believes or values or does. What matters is what you want, what you are willing to say yes to, what you know in your heart is best for you. Go deep into yourself and ask yourself what’s true for you, and listen to the answer.




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And on this upcoming Valentine’s Day, may you know yourself as Beloved no matter what!



Ask the Guides #1: The Role of Parents

(Yes, in case you were wondering, that IS a picture of me. You’re welcome.)


All-new feature on my blog—ASK THE GUIDES!


For a long time now, I’ve wanted to add an advice column feature to my blog, where people can submit general questions and I can share the Guides’ answers. To kick it off, I’m sharing a question about parenting I got from a client on Facebook. Thanks for the great question, M.C.!



M.C. asks:

“Most parents believe that they are to require total obedience from their children. That letting them decide what to eat or when to go to bed, for example, would rob them of a feeling of security and that they’d lack structure. And yet, it is my belief that children come to the world with their own innate knowing of what they need to do to be in balance. How can you respect a child’s freedom to express himself and experiment without making him/her do things he/she doesn’t want to do?”


The Guides respond:

The key point with children is to recognize them as souls who are separate and distinct from you. You have entered into a contract with them/their soul to be their parent, to take care of their basic needs, to care for them, to be with them for this part of their journey. That is all. In other words, you are free and they are free.

What do we mean by free?

We mean that you are not responsible for their souls or for their human path. You are not responsible for their choices. You are not responsible for Who They Are or who they will become—although most of you feel that you are. All you are responsible for is being responsible to them—caring for them and facilitating/easing their passage through this life as a child and young adult to the extent that you can and that you feel comfortable with.

Not controlling them. Not “influencing” them. Not trying to “mold” them. But being with them and around them and teaching them as appropriate. Setting limits as appropriate.

The key distinction here is intent. Have the intention to let them be free and to feel free yourself. Have the intention to see them as a soul on their journey, as you are, too.




Please share your comments and thoughts below, or on Facebook. I’d love to hear what you think!


When Life is Not “Fair”

As you may know, I’ve been spending a lot of my time lately going through notebooks full of wisdom from the Guides. I have piles of them (see above). For years before I started doing readings for other people, I was consulting the Guides privately, asking my own personal questions and getting pages full of answers. It was like having my own posse of spiritual advisors, which was awesome!

Reading through these notebooks now, I am astonished by how universal and relevant the guidance still is, how much bigger than me and my personal stuff it always was. (As a side note, I am really excited to compile that guidance into materials I can share with you, whether it’s in online courses or e-books or video. I will keep you posted!)

In the meantime, I just have to share with you a section I found yesterday, which really caught my breath. It comes from a time in my own life when I was struggling to accept a certain difficult situation that I couldn’t seem to change, no matter what I did. I was frustrated and sad and venting in my notebook. Why does it have to be this way? How do I withstand this? I hate it.

In response, and like they do sometimes, the Guides gave me a bit of a compassionate ass-kicking. It was unequivocal and bracing and it still jumps off the page for me, even today. Because life’s seeming unfairness, whether in our own personal sphere or in the world, is a question that’s always with us, and one that can be pretty difficult to come to terms with.

So here’s a little “tough love” from the Guides, for those times when life is feeling unfair, for whatever reason. I hope it’s as helpful for you as it was for me!




This is the road your soul chose for you. There are no mistakes. There are no errors. Just because you had some other reality in mind doesn’t mean something now is “wrong.” It is not wrong, it is. It is because it is, in other words; it’s meant to be. It is God’s will, it is the soul’s will (or the souls’ will)*.

Your ideas of what you wanted and what you needed were just that, ideas. Your ideas. Not our ideas or God’s ideas. They were, in effect, an invention of your own, a desire you created into a wish and then into a future you somehow believed must come to pass. Because it “should.”

But as you may notice, life does not operate that way. What happens is not very often what we believe “should.” There is not always “justice,” or what we (as humans)** believe justice to be. In fact, it is rarely that way. The scales do not “balance.” Life is not “fair.”

How do we come to terms with that “unfairness” without losing our sense of faith, our sense of hope? It is not easy, but it is necessary, in order to continue to grow and evolve. Too many people fall into despair and cynicism, deciding that because life is not “fair” then there is no God, no purpose, no justice or mercy.

This, while perhaps understandable, is spiritually immature. To insist that life is “fair” is, in effect, to have a spiritual temper tantrum. It is saying, “It must be my way, and if it’s not going to be my way, then I am going to quit, take my toys and go home.” Life requires more of you than that. Cynicism is too easy. Giving up is too easy. They are each a form of pouting, a form of protest, a turning away from life.

The spiritually mature person faces—and even embraces—life as it is. That requires grief. One can’t embrace what is without grieving what has been lost, even if that loss is just of an idea.

So let yourself mourn what you imagined and do not have. This is necessary in order to let go of what is not to be and to come to a greater sense of peace with what is.


A few footnotes:

*the Guides say “the soul’s will, or the souls’ will” to indicate that when it’s a situation involving another person or other people, their souls are willing it, too.

**Sometimes the Guides refer to themselves as “We” with a capital W, to indicate their difference from us. At other times, they use “we” with a lowercase “w,” to mean “all of us,” them and us too. I think they use the lower case “we” here as a gesture of solidarity, as so as not to talk down to us, which they seem loathe to do.




Now, in retrospect, I can say that the Guides’ advice was spot-on. I went through a period of mourning after receiving this guidance. Once I spent time grieving the situation I was struggling with, which was not something I could change, my relationship to it shifted dramatically. I found much more acceptance, gratitude, and peace. Today I wouldn’t change a thing (most of the time, anyway).

This guidance also transformed the way I look at the world beyond my own life. The seeming unfairness of the world is still painful, and even heartbreaking at times. There are times all we can do is grieve, and work toward social justice in whatever way speaks most to us.

But the Guides’ words—the spiritually mature person faces—and even embraces—life as it is—have stuck with me, and ever so slowly changed my life. Today I have a much deeper sense of acceptance even for those things that are truly difficult. More and more, I can feel the sense of being carried along by the Divine, of the soul intelligence behind the unfolding of events, even if they are not always to my liking. And that is truly a gift.



I’d love to hear your comments here or on Facebook, and if you’re looking for more personalized guidance, please check out what I do and even book a reading!

Much LOVE to all of you,

“It is Time to Step Into Your Own Power:” #MeToo, the Rise of Women, and the Fear of the Divine Feminine

Some years ago, the Guides told me this:

There is a darkness in front of you that has to do with your father and with your relationship to men. You have given up too much. You have looked to them for guidance, support, self-worth. You have deferred too often to them. You have allowed your identity, to some degree, to be defined by them. Now it is time for that to end.

It is time for you to step into your own power.

I have been thinking about these words a lot over the past week. With all the revelations about sexual assault and harassment in the news, and with gender politics at the forefront of our national conversation in so many ways, the question of women and our relationship to power seems more relevant than ever.

In my own life, too, the issue has been coming up more and more. And it’s a little confusing. You see, I already think of myself as empowered. I am a feminist and I have been since college. I speak up. As a girl I was often called “bossy.” Now I surround myself with people who like strong women, including my awesome husband.

But on a deeper level, I know there is truth to the guidance. In subtle ways, I hold myself back, especially in domains that seem traditionally male, like money and public recognition. I sometimes stop myself just before reaching sought-after goals, or avoid speaking my truth for fear of others’ reactions. At times, I’ve convinced myself I didn’t want something because secretly I was afraid of what would happen if I got it.

In my professional life most of all, I’ve often found myself driving with the brakes on without really understanding why. Moving into a position of authority brings up an unnamed dread in me, way down deep.

What am I so afraid of?

According to the Guides, it’s my own power. And apparently I’m not alone. There are legions of us, the Guides say, who, because of lifetimes of karma, because of patriarchal history, because of childhood experiences, have learned to equate power of any kind with danger, abuse, and loss of love. And so we tend to turn away from our own innate authority, denying ourselves what is rightfully ours, and avoiding giving our gifts fully to the world.

It’s time, the Guides tell us, for that to change.




We Must Stop Protecting Others

The Guides say:

It is time for you—and many women—to live in the truth of who you are, and to stop imagining that you must protect others from that truth. This is something you have known for a long time but have not been able to bring out into the light. It feels—has felt—too dangerous.

This guidance came long before the Harvey Weinstein allegations and the resultant #MeToo campaign, but I can’t help linking the two. (For the record, I was one of the lucky ones, but yes, I too was groped, flashed, masturbated at and followed in a threatening way by teen boys and grown men, not to mention bent over and spanked in a middle school hallway by my male 7th grade teacher in an apparent “joke” that for years filled me with secret shame.) Living in a female body can feel dangerous, and speaking out about what happens to us is dangerous, too. We’ve been maligned, silenced, and vilified by those who sought protection from their own ugly behavior toward us. Hopefully that pattern is now beginning to change.

But what about all the other, less overt ways we hide our own power, or defer to men?

Who are we protecting from the truth of who we are? And why? Why does showing who we really are—in all our power and glory—feel so damn dangerous?

My family growing up was pretty traditional. My father had most of the apparent authority. He wasn’t abusive, but you didn’t dare argue with him. He actually used to say, “My way or the highway.” He also had a fragile ego, which he covered up with a polished, competent, genial exterior. Like a benevolent dictator, he was charismatic and generous until you crossed him. (He was a thousand times the man than Trump is, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t see any similarity between the two—and although I cringe to admit it, I was sort of the Ivanka to his Donald, the pleasing, favored daughter whom he secretly thought was hot.)

I didn’t see any of this then, not consciously. I just adored my dad and didn’t want to lose his love, which always seemed tenuous, so I tried to shore him up by being the daughter I thought he wanted. Even as an adult, I tended to play small around him, agreeing with him more than I really did, helping him feel good about himself. Whenever I challenged his notion of who I was or what was true, if I seemed too honest, too weird, too ornery, or too opinionated, I could feel the emotional danger between us rising. Once, when I decried the GOP’s increasingly hostile treatment of women, he almost hung up on me. Our relationship was never quite the same after that.

This is the story of my own family, but it’s also the story of the patriarchy. Of men not wanting to be questioned, and women going along to get along, or being forced underground, or getting cast out.




The World Is Splitting Open

Poet Muriel Rukeyser once wrote, “What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open.”

The world appears to be splitting open, and it’s messy and thrilling and volatile. Just look at the huge Women’s March, at feminists getting rape threats on Twitter, at Malala getting shot and rising again, at Hilary Clinton and “Lock her up!”

We’re tapping into something very old and deep here, people: buried power and threat and deep-seated fear. And some of us—many of us—have been struggling to break through it all on the inside for years, whether we have been fully aware of it or not.

For me, the struggle has mostly shown up in my work. As a writer of personal stories, the burning need to speak emotional truth has long bumped up against subterranean forces I couldn’t quite name. I’ve managed to push through, publishing poems and essays and helping my students do the same. But there’s always been that invisible headwind I couldn’t quite identify, that sense of lurking risk. The danger I’ve sensed isn’t just about telling the truth, though that’s part of it. It also seems to be about claiming the right to speak. The sheer audacity of it.

Crazy, right? It’s easy to feel like a throwback to a retrogressive era or a traitor to my feminist politics just for admitting this.

But thanks to the Guides, I understand there is something bigger here, something ancient. The transformation we are going through as women and as a culture is a profound reordering and leveling of the hierarchies we have lived with for generations. For millennia, even.

I have come to think of it this way: that my soul chose my childhood, with its Father Knows Best quality, and simultaneously endowed me with a deep innate drive for truth and authority. Given that tension, I was compelled to move through this archetypal transformation on an internal level—fighting my way from “good little girl” to powerful, outspoken woman—as part of the same seismic shift unfolding in the larger world.




Fear of the Divine Feminine

So yes, one by one and as a group, women are rising, claiming what we know, what we see, and what we have to offer. As our power increases, the internal and external obstacles continue to present themselves, and we must continue to name them and fight through them, for the good of all.

The latest struggle, for me, has been coming out of the closet spiritually. This may seem to have nothing to do with gender, but for me, it does. Beginning work as a professional intuitive, publicly claiming the authority to know or see things for others, felt “presumptuous” and transgressive at first, according to the old internalized narrative of staying small and not making waves.

Ironically, my new work is less ego-driven than anything I’d done in the past. It springs from a very deep place of wanting to serve, to share what I knew and to lift others up.

Still, there’s an element of danger. For days after I launched my website, I woke up in the morning filled with panic. What have I done?

The Guides responded this way:

See [your resistance] for what it is—an ancient fear of the Divine Feminine. That is, the fear of others of that power, and therefore your fear of them and their reaction. It is the specter of being harmed or being silenced. The heartbreak of past losses, primal losses. The silence and demeaning of women of power. The “burning of witches,” so to speak.

There are those who represent the fearful, repressive male power of the past. Those in the thrall of the ego, who feel threatened and diminished by the threat of real female power. That is the battle you are facing now, internally.

How do you respond to those who would belittle or demean you, even in energy? How do you hold your power? How do you define who you are and what you do? How do you hold the good of what you do?

For those who want to claim our own power, that question is critical. How do we hold the good of what we do?

How do we know ourselves as good, and understand that the power we seek—to be heard, to be respected, to lead, to create positive change—is not the same as the power that has been abused by others in the past?

How do we, as women, and others who have been marginalized and silenced, redefine what power means, and claim it fully for ourselves and for the benefit of all?




Claim Your Inheritance

I’ll admit I’m still working on this. I study women leaders in the public eye and try to soak in how comfortably they hold their authority, how confidently they embrace their power for the good. I remind myself over and over again that my intentions are positive, that whatever power I have is not actually dangerous, that I’m only butting up against old, ingrained stories that will take time to overcome.

I do my best to envision the new world we are creating, one where power means power with and power for, and not power over.

And I read these words of the Guides, over and over again:

You are forging ahead, blazing a new path. It is not easy. You are breaking up years and lifetimes of pattern and karma. It is time to stop protecting weakness in others. It is time to step forward in strength.

Claim your power, claim your inheritance. You have earned it. You have worked for it.

Your power is for good. Use your heart for good. Use it to protect those who truly require protection, not those who must now stand up on their two feet.

The time has come for a reckoning. Step out of the way. Do your own work. Let your voice be heard. Shine.




May you all shine bright, and let your voices be heard.

Much LOVE,


8 Quick Ways to Lift Your Spirits and Raise Your Vibration

In times like these, it’s more important than ever to consciously lift our spirits, raise our vibration, and find peace amid the chaos. After all, we can only contribute to the world in positive ways if we ourselves don’t fall into despair.

Here are eight SIMPLE ways to brighten your mood, lighten your outlook, and quickly reconnect with Who You Really Are, a soul who came here to bring Light to the world.

You can practice these techniques anywhere: while sitting on a bus, in traffic, at the gym, or wherever you find yourself with a few extra moments to spare. Try one today, and let me know how it goes!


1. Send blessings to strangers.

This is my favorite, and something I like to do while I’m driving. I’ll look out at the sea of cars and mentally bless all the people in them, choosing to seem them all as worthy souls on a difficult human journey. I sweep my eyes from car to car—or from person to person in a crowd—and say, in my mind, Bless you, bless you, bless you. It immediately lifts my mood and makes me feel great. Plus it makes driving SO much more enjoyable!


2. Pray for someone else.

This is a great one for when we’re feeling low for whatever reason, especially when life feels kind of crummy. Just think of someone who is having a tough time—whether it’s a friend who is sick or struggling, a group of total strangers halfway across the world, or the people in the accident that’s holding up traffic—and say a prayer for their well being, or safety, or healing. Not only does this help them on an energetic level, but it will also lift your spirits by connecting you with your soul’s essential nature of generosity and Oneness with others.


3. Do a small, kind thing.

It’s cliché, but it’s true: little acts of kindness can make all the difference. Whether it’s holding the door for someone, paying for a stranger’s coffee, donating to a good cause, or just making eye contact and offering a real smile, one small gesture can turn the whole day around both for you and for someone else.

Right around the time the travel ban was first announced, I happened to cross paths with a young, hijab-wearing Muslim mother in the produce section at Trader Joe’s. She had the most beautiful little boy, sitting quietly in his stroller, and I told her so. For a moment afterward, she and I just held each other’s gaze and smiled. It was a tiny thing, but it moved me deeply and lifted my spirits. I hope it did the same for her.


4. Make a gratitude list.

Another cliché, but so powerful. You don’t even have to write anything down. Just mentally list ten things you’re grateful for. Halfway through, your mood will start to lift. That’s because gratitude is a higher state of consciousness, and automatically shifts you into a more soul-based perspective, which is a happier place to be.


5. Make your list longer.

Stuck in the line at CostCo or at the DMV? Return to your gratitude list, but this time go beyond the usual suspects. See how long you can make it. The more things you start to add, the more you’ll start to appreciate just how many things we have to be thankful for. Clean water. Shoes. Sunshine. Glasses. A phone. Dry socks. A working heart. A working mind. As you add to your list, notice what happens to your mood and your state of mind.


6. Practice being grateful for something hard.

Hardships, as we all know, can contain hidden gifts, and once we begin to really see that, our lives are transformed. Want to really lift your spirits? Think of something difficult in your life or in the world, and say a little thank you for it. You don’t have to mean it, or like that thing, or agree that it’s good on a human level. All you have to do, in saying your inner thank you, is open yourself up to the possibility that there is more going on than meets the eye. The Universe will rejoice, and you will feel a major bump in your energy.


7. Find some beauty.

Was that last one too tough? Then try this one. Just look for something beautiful around you and take a moment to truly acknowledge it. A child’s face, a leafy tree, a cloud, a piece of music, anything will work. Stop, breathe it in, and feel the elevation in your mood and spirit.


8. Say “Hi” to the Divine.

Just like they say in AA, your Higher Power can be whatever you feel comfortable with. Whether it’s nature, the Universe, Spirit Guides, or God, there’s something out there supporting us, and when we acknowledge that, when we reach out in greeting to the Divine around and within us, something amazing happens. We start to feel warmer inside, and less alone, and we may start to perceive a subtle sense of magic or meaning growing day by day. This might take time, and it’s different for everyone, but I strongly encourage you to say “hi” to the Divine as you conceptualize it, and see what happens.


If you try any of these, please leave a comment and let me know how it went! I’d LOVE to hear!

And if you’re needing more help, looking for personalized spiritual support, or just want to receive helpful, loving messages from your Guides, consider booking an intuitive reading session with me! I’d love to connect with you and assist you on your journey!


Much LOVE to you,


You are Needed: A Message in Advance of the Eclipse

A few days ago, a week before the total eclipse and just days after the horrific events in Charlottesville, VA, I asked my Guides what I could write that would be helpful to my friends, clients and readers. Here is what they shared.

As you read, remember that the Guides are referring to human beings from the vantage point of the soul and from the perspective of evolution, not from the ground level, so to speak. Their viewpoint can be jarring to us at times, can sound too dispassionate or “neutral” to our ears. It can be helpful to remember that from their dimension of unity, the realm of Both/And, it all looks much different than it does to us, and the timeline they are concerned with is much longer.



Rejoice, because great waves of Love are coming to envelop the earth. Make yourselves ready to receive them, for the benefit of All. Open your hearts. Make yourselves vessels to receive the Light, the Light of the Lord, the Light of the World, the Light of Goodness, the Light of All. It goes by many names but there is only One meaning. Advancement. Evolution. Ascension into higher realms, higher states of Being.

You are needed. You are necessary. Anchor the Light of the future onto the Earth, with your selves and your Selves. Open up your bodies, open up your hearts, trust what is coming.

Trust that it will transform the Darkness that you see below, all that is unfolding. Trust that that Darkness, the hate and fear and chaos that you see unfolding in the news and in the world, is but a bridge to the Light. In order to be healed, the Darkness first must show itself, must admit to its existence. And that is what’s happening now.

So do not “hate” it, as much you may feel that you do, as much as you may feel thrown into fear and anger, as heartbroken as you may be. Instead, bless it. Bless the chaos, in that it is the path out of chaos, the path to healing. Bless those souls who are bravely representing the worst in humanity, for they too, in their hatred and bigotry, are teaching us all a valuable lesson. Even the world leaders you may abhor deserve your blessings, on a soul level, for they are playing a critical role in the evolution of the species and of the planet right now.

The drama you are seeing is no mistake. It is a grand drama and you all have a role to play. And in the short term, that role is to anchor in the energy, the frequency, that is arriving with the eclipse. Your role is a vital one, and for it you are deeply honored in the Higher Realms.

Namaste, Amen.




I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, or on my Big Picture Guidance Facebook page. And if you’re looking for more personal support and guidance, you can book an intuitive reading with me here.
Much LOVE,


Crazy Energies, Chaotic World Events, and the Upcoming Eclipse: 5 Important Things to Know Right Now!

Have you been feeling like THIS guy lately? There are a bunch of good reasons for that.



All summer, I’ve been feeling the need to write about three different topics: the intense energies swirling around right now, the political upheaval in the world and how to deal with it, and the August 21 solar eclipse, what it means,  and how to prepare. I was planning to explore them separately, but once I sat down to write, I realized they’re all interconnected.

So I created this one handy list for you, entitled:




Here you go!


  1. You’re not making it up–there really IS some crazy energetic stuff going on right now.


If you’ve been feeling an unusual level of anxiety, exhaustion, excitement, or agitation lately, you’re not alone. I’ve been aware of a kind of uncomfortable “buzz” for a few months now, and it’s intensifying as we approach the eclipse on August 21. On a Facebook group for Empaths that I belong to, person after person is reporting unusually high anxiety, difficulty sleeping, emotional intensity, and more. Even friends who aren’t especially tuned in to this kind of thing have been wondering aloud why they’re suddenly feeling so tired all the time.


Intuitives and channelers everywhere are explaining it this way—that as a planet, we are in the midst of an energy acceleration, an evolutionary leap, and that high frequency energies are being poured down on us like never before, for a very particular purpose (I’ll get to that in a minute). So it’s actually a VERY good thing.


But that doesn’t mean it’s easy or smooth. We’re all having to adjust physically and energetically to these new frequencies, whether we realize it or not, and there is no one right way to react. It may change for you from day to day. You may start having more vivid or meaningful dreams, or sleep may become difficult. You may find yourself overcome with a sudden urge to clean out all your closets and get rid of things, or a deep desire to clean up your diet, or a need to take a daily nap. You may find yourself going from emotional highs to lows and back with no warning, becoming more impatient with your loved ones, or feeling extra sensitive or loving or powerful or blissful or just plain uncomfortable. There is no one right response.


Actually, there IS a best response, and that’s to stay present and listen. Which brings me to #2.




  1. Try your best to stay grounded and practice self-care.


The temptation might be to just ignore how weird you’re feeling and plow forward with your life the way you always have. Or to distract yourself with entertainment or technology, or to fall into despair or outrage over the latest headlines (see #3 for more on that subject).


But the BEST way to respond to all that’s going on right now—energetically and in the world—is to slow down, listen, and trust the wisdom of your intuition. What is your body and spirit asking for? Do you need to rest? Do you need a good cry? Time in nature? Good food? Exercise? Stillness? A hug? Time with your pet or your child, or time alone? Some quiet so you can meditate?


Then give that to yourself. Don’t be alarmed by the quick changes or shifts in what you need or how you feel from moment to moment. I myself have been careening from the need to clean out the closets (yes, that was me), to the need to clean up my diet (also me), to a desire for extra space and quiet, emotional release, and more sleep.


Even if you don’t have time to address all those changing needs, even small things can help. Sending down a grounding cord from the base of your spine and setting up the mirrored shield daily can do wonders (my clients will know these techniques from my energy clearing visualization). Meditating for five minutes in the car before or after work. Walking on the earth with bare feet. Lying down in grass, or sitting under a tree. Smudging your house or your body with sage. Taking a leisurely bath or shower, to wash away what you don’t need emotionally or energetically. Any of these things can help shift the energy from anxiety or agitation to a more grounded and even blissful feeling of awareness and acceleration.


Also, try to be extra kind and forgiving of yourself and others right now. If tensions with loved ones are higher than normal, try to breathe through it. My husband and I have been snapping at each other for no real reason of late, and it’s helped us to remind ourselves that we’re just responding to new energies and to try to let it go.


Then there’s the toll that world events have been taking on all of us, which has an impact, too. That leads me to #3.




  1. Remember that the political chaos is part of the shift—and it’s all happening for a reason.


I’m not saying that any of us should feel OK about the awful stuff we’re seeing in the news right now. There are brutal, deeply disturbing things happening seemingly every day, from the hate-fueled violence in Charlottesville, Virginia to the escalation of nuclear tensions with North Korea to deportations to climate denial on a grand scale—it can be difficult to keep one’s head above water, emotionally or spiritually, in such a moment.


But it’s worth trying to take a step back and get the Big Picture. It is my understanding, based on my own intuitive work and the teachings of many others, that what we are witnessing in the world right now is the further pulling back of the veil of destructive forces that have always been there so that they may be fully healed. Humanity’s shadow is being forced to the surface, all across the globe, in order to make way for more Light.


This has happened before, certainly, at other historical moments. But right now it’s happening in a new way, in preparation for a big evolutionary leap. The website Era of Peace has had a lot of interesting stuff to say about this idea, in case you’d like to read more.


As individuals and as a planet, we can’t heal that which we can’t or won’t see. In order to transform, we have to know our shadow in all its ugliness. That means coming face to face, if we haven’t before, with the realities of racism, violence, greed, hatred, misogyny, selfishness, abuse of power, deceit—and rejecting all of it. Saying, and knowing, that it’s not Who We Are, as individuals or as a planet.


THIS is what’s happening now, bit by bit, person by person, all around the world. And we are all a part of it. So as depressed or outraged or scared as you might feel at times reading the news or just being aware of the heaviness in the world, remember that you are here to lift it up, not to fall down into it.


Whether it means taking a break from the news, or taking positive action to make a change, or being extra kind to a stranger, or reminding yourself that there’s a larger drama unfolding here, try to keep your perspective and emotional state elevated. Be like the members of the clergy who linked arms in Charlottesville on Saturday, facing down a row or armed militiamen, singing, “This Little Light of Mine.” Let your light shine, because the world needs it desperately right now.




  1. You can use the power of the eclipse to make a difference.


According to Allison Coe in her excellent video on the subject (she’s an intuitive and QHHT practitioner in Portland, OR), the total solar eclipse that’s coming on August 21 brings with it an additional, even more powerful wave of high frequency energy, and it’s an amazing opportunity for each of us to help accelerate the evolution that’s happening across the globe.


No matter where you are on Monday, August 21, she says, during those few minutes when the sun is blocked in the path of totality (it doesn’t matter if you can see it where you live or not), take a few minutes to be fully present. Meditate if you can. Imagine drawing the energy of Divine Love into your heart, and into your entire body. As you do this, imagine making yourself a kind of lightning rod or a vessel, consciously anchoring the new frequencies to the earth. This is a very, very powerful action that just might change your life, and may well help us all make a quantum leap into the loving future we want.


In case this seems strange to you, I can only say that I understand, and yet that it’s an idea borne out in my own work. In readings, I am often told that a client’s primary purpose is to anchor higher frequency energies. This can be disconcerting for clients, since many of us assume our life “purpose” must mean a job, or some more “real” and concrete action in the world. In reality, our purpose may have more to do with raising and maintaining our own vibration so that we may help anchor and ground higher energies and thus serve the evolution of the planet as a whole.




  1. There are things you can and should do BEFORE the eclipse, starting by August 17!


Again, thanks to Allison Coe’s video, I’m able to pass along some tips for preparing for the eclipse. She suggests that four or five days before—on Thursday, August 17, say—we try to live as “cleanly” and presently as possible. That means unplugging from news, entertainment, unnecessary technology, and distractions. Slowing down. To the extent that our lives permit, we  should eat well and cleanly, meditate if possible, spend time in nature if we can. All of this will help each of us be more open and available to the energies that will come pouring down at about 10 AM PT.


In the next few days, I’ll share more about what my own Guides had to say about the eclipse—but I wanted to get these 5 important pieces of information out for you ASAP so you can start to prepare!


In the meantime, I’m available, as always, for intuitive readings by phone and email!  To get reassuring wisdom just for you from the Guides, go ahead and book a session, or just find out more.


Thanks for reading, much LOVE to you all, and may we each do what we can to LIFT UP this beautiful planet together!


<3 Thea

Who are the Guides?


It’s a question I get a lot. Who, or what, are the Guides?

When I first started receiving guided writing over twenty years ago, I wondered the same thing. Who was it that was talking to me? It had to be “someone,” right?

Channeling as a concept was not new to me. I was a fan of Pat Rodegast’s beautiful Emmanuel books. I’d heard about Esther Hicks and Abraham, the Seth materials, and A Course in Miracles. I knew of mediums who spoke aloud, brought through energies with a different name, voice, or accent, and I was aware of others who claimed to transmit messages from particular angels, saints, or holy figures from history. All of this seemed quite plausible to me, and fascinating.

I never expected to do such a thing myself. But when I did, when it became clear that the writing I was doing was from somewhere beyond me—and once I got comfortable with that idea, which took me a while—I just assumed there would be a “who.” A name. An identity. An “I,” of sorts.

But there never was. In fact, when I asked for specifics, I felt a kind of gentle cosmic headshake and then a patient silence. Like, No, sweetheart. Not going to go there.

Deep down that felt right. Because I never felt the sense of a separate entity, a “someone” with an “identity” or a gender.

Instead, I sensed a benevolent force, a nameless collective energy, inseparable from myself somehow but beyond my conscious awareness and much greater than me. It felt like a link to Soul, or Higher Self, where I am inseparable from you and we are all connected to everything.

A “We” more than an “I.” A clear, patient, incredibly loving We.


I couldn’t help myself, though. I wanted to know more. I asked again, “Who are you?”

This is the answer I got.

We are your multidimensional selves. Your friends. Your partners in Light.

(Back then I didn’t use so many capitals. Now I suspect it would come through a bit differently: Your multidimensional Selves. Your Friends. Your partners in Light. More about the all-important capitals in a future post.)

Their humble definition, which I have thought about for years, sums it up perfectly. Their energy is a We, not an I. It is a part of me, and yet far beyond what I am aware of in this dimension. It is also connected to You. It is a deeply respectful, co-operative energy that seeks to lift us all up into the Light. It is an energy we all have around and within us, but we don’t always know how to access.

For ease’s sake, I call this energy the Guides. It just feels right: the lack of specificity, the collective quality, the elevated and universal feel.

“They” don’t seem to mind. (:


I remain particularly moved, over the years, by the Guides’ profound compassion, dignity, humility, and respect. Although these “Friends” are deeply wise and unfailingly kind, they do not wish to put themselves above us. They have a deep respect for what it means to be human and for the challenges of the human journey. More than anything else, they want us to elevate ourselves, to recognize ourselves for who we really are. Or as they would put it, Who We Really Are.

Sometimes my husband and I refer to them as The Guys, especially when we want privacy. “Don’t forget what the Guys said,” I’ll text him, being sure to capitalize the “G,” out of respect.

When we call them that, I can feel an inner smile. Because they don’t mind. They are here for us. It makes them happy when we see them not as our masters, not as the source of all our answers—though they have incredible wisdom to share—but more than anything else, as our partners and beloved Friends.

They want to Love us, and for us to Know that we are Loved and accompanied at all times. That we are never alone.

And thanks to them, and All That Is, we never are.

What the Guides Said First, or How it All Started, Part 2

Last week I told the beginning of the story of how I got started doing intuitive work. Here’s what happened next.


What the Guides Actually Said

When we left off, twenty-five year old me had just prayed for a way out of my suffering (the blocked, miserable writer sort) and I had received a surprising answer in the form of words forming insistently in my head.

Those words seemed to have a message for me, and they wanted to be written down.

I filled notebook page after notebook page with mysterious declarative phrases.

Listen and let go.

Eradicate fear.

Do not ask for what you want. Accept what you receive. It is better, it is what’s meant for you. There is a larger plan.

I was excited but also confused, and a little freaked out.

What did it mean? Listen to what? Let go of what?

I had wanted the answer to my prayer–if I got one at all–to be practical. I wanted to hear how to have the life I pictured, the one where I had a published short story collection and a glowing review in The New York Times.

(Talk about pearls before swine! Sorry, Guides. Of course they did and do not hold my youthful stubbornness against me. They are nothing if not patient and understanding. That’s one of the great things about having friends in Spirit, in general. They are so very forgiving of our all-too-human traits. Thank you, thank you!)

And in truth, despite my petulance, deep down I could feel something important happening. I felt a tingle in my spine when I read the words back. I knew they held truth. Even if I didn’t quite get it, or didn’t quite like it.


Words that Changed My Life

Over a period of months, as I let the wisdom sink in, I found myself gradually loosening my hold on the short stories I wanted to write and the rigid timeline that went with them. I started writing poems, and songs, and, yes, journal entries, some of them exploring the grief that still bubbled up in me.

I got out of my head. I dropped my agenda. I stopped trying to control the future.

It all got so much easier. A sense of ease started to take root in my life. A sense of quiet magic, of being led.

Over the next few years, as I kept listening to wisdom of the Guides—which is how I came to call the source of the words forming in my head—everything continued to change for the better. I decided to quit my teaching job and move to a cabin in the woods. I adopted a rescue dog. I wrote and wrote like crazy, all different kinds of things, with no real need to know where any of it was going.

The old impatience and desperation cropped up from time to time, but now I had language with which to respond.

Listen and let go. Eradicate fear.

I started dating a guy I knew who kept showing up in my nighttime dreams, even though my brain insisted I wasn’t ready for a relationship and also that he wasn’t my type. Accept what you receive. There is a larger plan. We’ve been married for 20 years.

I started a graduate program in poetry, which my heart called out for even though my brain protested that fiction was “cool.” I started publishing my work.

And I eventually followed the urge to teach creative writing using the principles the Guides had given me. I watched my students tap into their own deep creativity, find their authentic voices with ease, and embrace who they really were as writers, just as I had learned to do. It felt amazing. I didn’t care anymore about that imaginary book of short stories or a New York Times review. I was doing the work I felt meant to do.


Not Ready to Go Public

I still wasn’t ready to talk to anyone about the guided writing I was doing or the source of wisdom I was tapping into. I didn’t quite understand it myself. I kept it on the down-low, seeing it mainly as a private way to solve my own problems and free my writing. Like having my own personal creativity coach. (Thanks, Guides, or as my husband and I like to call them, the Guys!)

It would take many more years and bumps in the road for me to truly understand the power of guided writing, to broaden its scope, and to have the courage to share it with others.

That would require a whole new level of listening and letting go.

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How it All Started, Part 1

When people hear about my intuitive work, the main thing they ask is how I got started. How did I know I could access Higher wisdom through writing?

Intuitive work is a bit out of the realm of the ordinary. It doesn’t always fit with our everyday understanding of the world or with the way things are supposed to work, according to our rational minds anyway.

And yet, when most of us hear stories that point to a deeper reality–prophetic dreams, signs from dead loved ones, gut feelings that turns out to be eerily accurate–we tend to sit up and pay attention. Because we’ve almost all had moments from our own lives that felt that way.

Times when we just knew something. Times when a coincidence couldn’t be explained away. Moments when we felt–or just knew–there was something more. 

Such windows to the unseen world can unfold in surprisingly ordinary ways. Mine certainly did.


I was about twenty-five, living in San Francisco and working as a public school English teacher. When I wasn’t teaching, I was sitting at my lonely desk in my apartment, trying to figure out how to become a writer. Like many strong-willed and impractical young writers, I had an ambitious plan and a timeline. I was to craft a collection of beautiful, important short stories as quickly as possible so I could realize my dream of becoming an under-30 literary sensation.

I couldn’t understand why it was going so poorly. Or why I was so miserable.

(For the writers who are reading this, we’ll just pause for a minute so you can catch your breath from laughing. Better now?)

What I didn’t know at the time was that I was way too impatient and much too inexperienced to succeed in my plan. Not to mention the fact that I was not a natural fiction writer.

I had other problems, too. One was the inconvenient fact that every time I turned inward—really listened to myself—I felt an upwelling of intense emotion I couldn’t name. Instead of working on my stories, I ended up crying, or journalling about why I was crying and how frustrated I was. It was miserable, and it went on for a long time.

It was during one of those miserable moments that I decided to give up. To surrender. I’d always had a belief in God, or the Universe, or a Higher Power, so to turn inward in that way wasn’t strange to me. It was weird that I felt brought to my knees over writing, but whatever. I was desperate.

So I put down my pen and prayed. Tell me what to do, I pleaded, closing my eyes and turning my face upward.

I didn’t necessarily think anything was going to happen, but it felt good to stop struggling. To admit I needed help.

It was a few moments later, just sitting in silence, when I began to hear unfamiliar words forming in my head.

“Hear” is not quite the right word. I didn’t hear sounds, or an audible voice, or some other entity speaking. It was more like certain words just appeared in my mind. I sensed them. They were there, and I wrote them down. The words had their own momentum, their own forward movement, one word or phrase appearing after the next.

At first, it wasn’t all that different from being in the creative flow, that delicious state when the words just come on their own. That’s what I thought was happening, and that was fine with me. It felt good to get words on paper. At least I was not stuck and suffering.

In fact, for the first time in a long time, I felt opened up. Free. Broken out of the prison of my mind and the pain of my heart.

So I let the words flow, page after page, and after a while, I reread what I had written. It was then I began to realize something unusual was going on. Something other than free association. Something bigger than free writing.

These words were not mine. They didn’t sound like me. They were formal, almost eloquent, and wise. They were addressing me, and they had an insistence, a direction, a message to convey.

As though someone, or something, were answering my prayer. Just like I’d asked.

As though someone or something was telling me what to do.

It made me shiver a little bit, even as I questioned whether it was really real.


In the next post, Part 2, I’ll tell you what that answer was, and what it set in motion! In the meantime, thanks for reading! Please leave a comment or share this with a friend to help me spread the word!