Week 10 Online


Week 10: Wrap-up, and What’s Next?


Hi everyone!

It’s our last week of class! Congratulations for sticking with it all the way through. Here’s my video message for this week:




This week, we wrap up the class! Here are the questions I’d like you to consider:


  • What have I learned?
  • How have I changed, if at all, since we started?
  • What are my natural ways of knowing, and/or what is my intuitive process?
  • What’s important to remember?
  • What feel like some good next steps for me?
  • What are some resources I can turn to?


Here is the PDF file to download and print, if you prefer: Week 10 Online PDF







I. MEDITATION: Energy clearing, one more time

For our final week, we return to where we first started, with the Energy Clearing meditation. We circle back to this one because it contains all the basic steps I’d like you to take with you and hopefully commit to memory over time. If you remember these steps, which only take 10-15 minutes, you can always come back to center and reconnect with yourself, no matter what’s going on outside.

Remember the big Why behind this exercise, which is the idea that in order to connect to our intuition, we need to drop down out of our minds and create a clear, receptive space inside. After a while, being in that clear, quiet, receptive place can start to feel natural and normal, and easier to return to without conscious effort.

Here are those steps, once again:

  1. Grounding your energy into the Earth
  2. Connecting to the Heavens
  3. Releasing anything not needed or not yours from your energy field
  4. Gathering your essence energy above your head and calling back any parts of yourself you’ve scattered
  5. Raising the vibration of that energy above your head using the Violet Flame
  6. Filling your body and your field with that essence energy
  7. Protecting your newly clear energy field using white light and/or the Mirrored Shield


Here’s the recorded meditation, once again:






II. REFLECTION on the meditation

  • How, if at all, has doing this meditation changed for you since the start of class?
  • How might you continue using this meditation or these steps once class is through?





III. EXERCISE: End-of-class inventory

In this final exercise, please take a little time to reflect in writing on what you’ve learned and what you’ll take away from the class. Use your journal to write down your thoughts.

  • What have you learned about yourself from the class? What feels strengthened or changed in you, if anything?



  • What, if anything, have you learned about how intuition works, either for you in particular or in general?



  • What practices, habits, or attitudes have you found that help connect you to your inner knowing?



  • What practices, habits, or attitudes have you found that get in the way?



  • What is one idea you will take with you from the class?



  • What do you see yourself doing next in the area of spiritual or intuitive growth? What is drawing you now—and if you don’t know, how might you discern that over time?









Finally, I wanted to share a handful of links and resources you might find interesting. Some of these I have mentioned in our phone calls, and some I haven’t. And there are so many more options out there—the key is to find what inspires and speaks to YOU personally—in other words, to use your intuition! Here are a few of my favorites:




PGS, the movie

This movie, “PGS: Intuition is your Personal Guidance system, was created by Australian filmmaker, Bill Bennett, after an inner voice saved him from near death. It’s now available to rent or buy online. I highly recommend it! Good for a general audience, also—skeptics, kids, etc.!




Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now and The New Earth (books)

I loved Eckhart Tolle, especially the audio books, and I highly recommend them as a guide to coming more fully into the present moment.




Emmanuel’s Book, Pat Rodegast

This is an oldie but a goodie, and a great place to start if you are newer to spiritual materials. First published in 1987, this comforting, lovely book of wisdom was followed up by a few sequels, but the original is still the best, in my humble opinion.






Paul Selig, I Am the Word and other books, including The Book of Freedom which came out in November of 2018.

Paul is a channel and psychic who brings through very powerful teachings. His books can seem a little confusing at first, but they are profound and life-changing, and they actually transmit a high vibration energy to the reader. The audio books are excellent, too, and in some ways, easier to follow. His website has lots of information about his retreats, workshops, livestreams, and more. According to Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest and founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation in New Mexico, Paul’s teachings are consistent with mystical Christianity and the Gnostic gospels.






Dolores Cannon, pioneer of QHHT or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

From her website, “Dolores Cannon is a best-selling author and past-life regressionist and hypnotherapist who specializes in the recovery and cataloging of Lost Knowledge. She teaches her unique technique of hypnosis all over the world.” She has since died, but she has many books, online videos, and people who are trained in the powerful hypnosis work she taught.




Matt Kahn, Whatever Arises, Love That

This book is about what he calls a “love revolution,” or  learning to love, accept, and heal ourselves no matter what. This is a great resource if you are working with self love/self esteem issues. There is also a great audio course by the same name on Audible.com and Udemy. Matt has a bunch of other books and talks available as YouTube videos and other good stuff at his website, True Divine Nature




Esther Hicks is the world-famous channel who brings through a collective energy called Abraham. She has many books and a ton of YouTube videos. If you are interested in “The Law of Attraction,” she is a wonderful resource.







Carolyn Myss is a medical intuitive and spiritual teacher who teaches about archetypes and soul contracts. Her book, Anatomy of the Spirit, is a classic.






Byron Katie pioneered a technique called The Work, which teaches people how to turn around negative thinking and embrace “What is.” Her first book, Loving What Is, is a great introduction to her work.






Tom Kenyon, sound healer

I just found out about this guy from other retreat participants at Esalen. Tom is a former therapist and channel who brings through sound healings that work on the energetic level. On the listening page of his website, you can find links to free audio files.






Also, here are a few non-famous people I follow and LOVE (I’ve had sessions with all of them myself—please tell them I sent you!):


  • Wanda Vitale, energetic reader/healer whose motto is, “Awaken to your True Self.” Check out her website, VitaEnlightenment, or follow her excellent feed on Facebook.


  • Beth Kuria, practitioner of Introspective Hypnosis, similar to QHHT. She specializes in working with anxiety. She is in Dublin, Ireland but works by Zoom. Very gentle yet life-changing work. You can find her via her website or her Facebook page.


  • Theresa Luttenegger, an extremely gifted Empath and multidimensional channel who specializes in emotional healing, self-love, and developing sovereignty (learning to be the boss of you, basically). You can find on her personal Facebook page, her business Facebook page, or at her website, Poem of Atoms.









Some final words from the Guides: “Be encouraged, for your path is a noble one.”


Truthtelling is a lonely road.

Living in truth is a lonely road.

To contain so much within yourself is a lonely road.

To concern yourself with eternity, with questions of eternity, is a lonely road.

We are Here with you, but many are not, and you fear exposure as truthtellers throughout history have feared exposure.


But be encouraged, for your path is a noble one. Not noble in the sense of cast-on nobility, assumed stature or rightness, something for the ego to latch onto. Not a false sense of giving to the other, a puffed-up nobility, putting on airs. No. A true nobility of purpose. A sense of what is ultimately important. If you are reading this you know what I am saying.


Honor your own nobility. Hold it up inside yourself as a shield against the voices, inside and out, that tell you that to be concerned with the Eternal is frivolous or flighty or inessential or less “important” than whatever worldly thing you’re supposed to be doing. And maybe you are doing, and doing well, and that too is part of your work. But truthtelling, within yourself most of all, is a difficult and yes, noble pursuit for which you deserve great accolades and for which you will get few.


Such is the paradox of this time, and the (bitter) pill you must swallow, in a sense.


That in many cases, liars are given the stage and the microphone.

That greed is heralded as success.

That inhumanity to man is greeted as effective cost-cutting measures and sound business strategy.

That truthtellers are silenced.

That peacemakers are shouted down. Not every time, but many.

That to do work for the benefit of humanity is seen as second-class, first class being whatever begets the spoils of success, the trappings of the self. Not the yearnings of the Self, which are the true directives, the instructions of the soul.


How do I proceed, you want to know, as a person who feels separated from others by my longing for the Divine, by my need for the Eternal? How do I live my life?


Draw close to God in whatever form you see God. Know that the Real is more real than the “real.” Trust what animates you and the voices that speak (in you and) through you. Rid yourself of fear. It is your lack of fear that has taken you this far, and it is your lack of fear that will carry you on. Not that you don’t have fear but that you are not ruled by it. So many are ruled by fear and do not know it. Hence the hoarding and ceaseless gathering of things/stuff to make one safe. Hence the endless busyness and striving for self-importance that animates so many. The relentless ego. The relentless chest-pounding, competition, need to win, dominate, crucify the other.


This is nothing new. It is as old as time. It is men—mostly men, but not only men—trying to make their way in a competitive world and thinking the striving ego is the way to do it. Who can blame them? It’s what they were taught. It’s what they were primed for. And one must survive.


But truthtellers, I speak to you. Do not stop striving in the way you do. So much depends on it. More than you know. More than anyone knows. A single dedicated person, determined to do a deep dive into his or her soul to find his/her truth does more good for humankind than you can imagine. Than an entire army of do-gooders could do, with all their good works (which are indeed good). It is the deep dive that matters, the seeking of truth, personal truth as it relates to the Universal, the timeless, the way in which we are all connected.


Keep on diving. Keep on seeking. Do not be dissuaded or dismayed by the lack of recognition you get from the outer world. They cannot see. You are, in a sense, invisible. And that is OK. Many truthtellers and truth-seekers have been so in their time. And yet their work has spanned the ages. Known and unknown. Heralded and unsung. Big or small, woman or man, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the intent. What matters is the purity of heart with which the work is undertaken.


What matters is the not giving in to the vision of life as presented and propogated by the larger culture, the Do-Fast-More external rush, anxiety-fueled, that bears no relationship to what is important or who we are inside. Which is timeless Beings with an important purpose. A purpose of changing ourselves and the world. Or changing ourselves in order to change the world. Cleansing ourselves from the inside out. Growing a pure heart. Taking ownership of the darkness in us and shepherding it and ourselves through a process of self-purification that also cleans the world. Corner by corner, inch by inch. It is slow work but oh so mighty, so deeply significant, so noble in its purpose, so poorly understood.


We salute you. Know that we salute you in your great (and invisible) efforts along the way.





OK, well, that’s it!!

I hope you will each continue to explore your intuitive nature in whatever way feels best to you! Remember that I am always here for you as a resource if I can be of support in any way. If you’re ever interested in scheduling a reading with me, you can find out more here. I am also available for ongoing or one-time spiritual coaching and support (even without a reading), and I will send out more info about that soon. In any case, please feel free to inquire and/or just reach out if you need to.

Also, I plan to repeat this course in the future, so please let your friends know!

It has been a pleasure and an honor to share this time with you, and I send you all much LOVE now and always! I have so much faith in your paths and excitement for what’s ahead for all of us!

LOVE to you,