The Path of Personal Mastery: Week 9


Week 9: Path and Purpose




This week’s topic was Path and Purpose.  We looked at the age-old questions we ask ourselves:

  • Why am I here? (And why are WE here, collectively?)
  • What is my contribution?
  • How do I know if I’m “on my path”?
  • Is there a larger purpose to my life, and how do I know what it is?





I. MEDITATION: Connecting to Path and Purpose


This week’s meditation is a longer visualization than usual (20 min. or so), designed to help you connect on an intuitive level to a sense of your life’s path and purpose. I’d suggest having some extra time available, and having a journal nearby to write down some notes afterward. Here it is!





II. REFLECTION on the meditation:


Take a moment to write about what came through or what you were aware of during the meditation, including:


  • Anything that stood out
  • Any themes, threads, insights or emotions as you looked back at yourself through time
  • Any insight into your circumstances, choices re: incarnation, including your role in your family
  • Any insight or knowing about your purpose that came through


It’s OK if you don’t come away with anything certain! This exercise is meant to open up some space for knowing, either now or as you go along.






III. HANDOUT #1: Path and Purpose worksheet


Here are some reflection questions  designed to build on the meditation experience and your path and purpose:



What are you drawn to? What feels natural? What brings you joy?



What are those parts of you that are your highest expression? What do others appreciate most about you (your presence)?



What feels like your natural contribution? May include creative works, energetic offerings, and/or your relationship to or role vis-a-vis others, the collective, or the Earth.



What spiritual archetype or role model speaks most to you or resonates?



The Guides use terms like:

Bringer of/Bearer of/Beacon of/Man or Woman of:

Light               Compassion                Joy                   Warrior           New Man

Peace               Justice                          Love                Queen             Mother/Father

Beauty             Truth                           Presence          Teacher           Child of God






IV. Thoughts/Passages from the Guides


I talked a bit about path and purpose from the Guides’ perspective, particularly the universal idea that we are all facets of the Divine, and that we are here to remember and Be (that, is to emanate the energy or vibration of) that which we most truly ARE. You can read more about this in the week’s reading. Here are the passages I shared with the group in class:


You are here to let your heart break open and let the overwhelming radiance come pouring forth. It is only in broken-openness that you can give your gift to the world.


The person animated by heart exudes a vibration of freedom that affects others in a powerful way, and that changes the world.


Every moment is an opportunity to make a choice that honors your Divinity and the value of your soul’s path.


Power, from our perspective, is the extent to which you are plugged into the Infinite.


How are you going to Be? What are you going to radiate into the world? This is your Power.


You have ultimate control, in the end, over Who You Are and how you are Being and how you choose to live that Being in the world.






You always have a choice, in every situation. You can see darkness, or you can see Light. You can open your heart or close it. You can connect with others or turn away. You can choose hope or give in to despair.


It takes courage to choose the Light. It takes courage to see another person as an extension of ourselves, in the sense that we are One. This determines everything: this one choice. This is strength. This is courage. This is the hero’s journey of the soul.


Who do you choose to Be? Not, how do you feel. But who do you choose to Be?

This is the test. It is the chance for the soul to know itself and to claim itself in the human world. If you know yourself as a Being of Light, you will choose light. If you choose light, you will be rushed along the path of growth and incarnation to the realms of Truth, because you have shown that you know Who You Are.








As the last part of our class, I invite you to offer some kind of visual, written, spoken, or other kind of final presentation to reflect your inner knowing and/or what you’ve learned about yourself in the class. These presentations can be very brief, and as simple or involved as you choose. The key is that they be TRUE to you and your inner knowing.

I’d like this to be an intuitive and very enjoyable process for you. In a way you can think of this as a “final exam,” in the sense that it calls upon your own sense of inner connection, listening, letting go, trusting, and practicing compassion for yourself. There is no “right” way to do it, and only YOU know what feels true and good for you to share with us!

That being said, if you need ideas, here are some possibilities:

  • Some kind of “Show and Tell”
  • A “soul collage”
  • A personal mandala or other drawing
  • A poem, story, or other piece of writing
  • Anything else you can think of!




Next week: “What’s Next?” Final class and celebration