The Path of Personal Mastery: Week One

Hello everyone!


Here’s where you can find everything we did during class this week, so you can catch up on what you missed or just refresh your memory.

But first, here’s a passage from my guided writing that speaks to our first week’s topic that I wanted to share with you:


Go within. Begin to encounter the Divine mind within yourself.

You will begin to feel yourself as part of something much greater, more ineffable,

more compassionate, more Eternal, than you ever thought possible.

And that will give you Peace beyond what you can imagine.





Week One: What is Personal Mastery?



Welcome and introductions. We went around the room, shared names, and began to get to know each other and find out what folks are hoping to get from the course. It’s a great group!

We went over the Course Schedule.

I gave a little intro about myself and my work as a writer and an intuitive. If you’d like to know more about how I got here and the individual intuitive work I do, including where/how I came to the insights from which I now teach this course, you can read my bio, or read blog posts here, here, and here.





Next, I introduced a guided visualization and energy-clearing meditation. Beforehand, I talked about how we all have very real energy fields, and how important it is to be aware of that energy field and keep it “clean.” I introduced the term  “energy hygiene” or energetic self-care, which means exactly that, keeping our space clean and clear of other people’s energy and also of our own outmoded or extraneous energy, so we can cultivate a peaceful, clear space for inner knowing.

I mentioned that there’s no right way to do a guided meditation like this. Some people “see” and “feel” more than others, and it’s OK if you don’t. Working with energy is an act of invoking and imagining as much as sensing, or at least it can start out that way. Just affirm that the energy work is happening as you go, and it will happen.

Here’s an AUDIO FILE of that meditation, below. The meditation takes about 15 minutes to do. Just click on the arrow to start!



Afterward, take a few moments to notice how you feel.




Since the word “success” is in the course title, I thought it would be fun to think about what that word means to us. So I asked folks to take a few minutes to answer the following provocative questions as best they could, in writing. If you are answering these at home, just go with whatever occurs to you as you hear the question. There are no right answers!

  • What is external success? In our culture? For you personally?
  • What is internal success? Do we even have a definition for this?

Afterward, we gathered in pairs to talk about our reflections, particularly around the second question, which leads us more deeply into tonight’s topic.





As a way to explore our topic further, we split into two groups and each group looked at one of the following poems. (I’ve provided weblinks here.)  The idea was just to have an open-ended conversation about the poems and what they seemed to say or how they made us feel. No pressure to “understand” them! (:

Wild Geese, by Mary Oliver

People Like Us, by Robert Bly

We then came back to the big group and talked about some of what we found in the poems, particularly the idea of embracing our human imperfections, trusting in something higher or greater, feeling a sense of connection or belonging, and having compassion for ourselves and others. All part of the adventure we’ll be going on together over the coming weeks!

Both of these poems and many more can be found in one of my favorite poetry collections ever,  Risking Everything: 110 Poems of Love and Revelation, edited by Roger Housden. I suggest everyone own a copy of this book—it’s full of treasures! You can order it here on Amazon, though of course I always say support your local independent bookseller instead! I will be sharing poems from this book each week.





Check out the week’s readings (and video this week) here or by going back to the class portal. Enjoy!

Next week’s topic is The Road Inward.  Have a great week, and see you then!